Volkswagen cars of "head of intelligence Tu Cang"


According to Ms. Dang Thi Tuyet Mai, Hero's wife, Tran Van Lai, Mr. Lai has 3 cars for business tasks and intelligence. In addition to the donation from the Thai Binh Museum, the other two cars are the Hino Picup motorcycle with registration number EC-6045 (currently displayed by the Museum of Special Forces of Hanoi). ) and the Ci Troen brand car has a registration number NCE-345 (currently displayed at District 3 Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City).

Still according to Ms. Mai, the Volkswagen car donated the Thai Binh museum purchased by Tran Van Lai before 1968 to use downtown to operate secretly. Under the guise of a generous and wealthy contractor with a legacy at the US logistics aid agency, Nam Lai often drove this car to the places of the American brain – Wei to study and explore. situation.

This is also the vehicle that directly leads the leaders of the Saigon military zone – Gia Dinh as Tu Ky (Nguyen Ngoc Loc); Mr. Ba Den (Chief of the 159 units, beating directly at the US Embassy), Mr. Hai Tri (A20 security unit), went to Saigon to investigate and direct the general offensive, total Mau Than Tet Revolt – 1968 .

Also under the mattress and the spare tire of this vehicle, many strategic maps were transferred to the release area, not only for the Mau Than 68 campaign, but also for the Ho Chi Minh campaign later.

After the Mau Than campaign, Mr. Lai was exposed, sought by the enemy, granted him a prize to capture him, so he had to withdraw to covert activities. However, after the release, he still used this vehicle to welcome his family and relatives from Thai Binh to Ho Chi Minh City.

Here are some pictures of Volkswagen cars on display at the Thai Binh Museum:

The car is displayed in the main hall of the Thai Binh Museum.


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