Vinasun taxi drivers are exorbitant and critical in Saigon


Police sealed the incident.

Around 10 pm on May 6, the Vinasun brand taxi brought board from Ho Chi Minh City running on Nguyen Van Linh Street with unusual signs, constantly collapsing and stopping at the roadside near the People's Committee of Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7 HCM.

A few minutes later a young man opened the door, got out of the car, and ran off. The male driver also opened the door to chase, but collapsed to the ground after a few steps.

Exceptionally, people rushed to check and found that the driver had a very deep wound in the neck, bleeding a lot. The young man got off the bus early and left quickly.

The victim was taken to the emergency hospital in case of heavy blood loss, deep coma.

Receiving the news, the police force hastened to block the scene, taking testimony from witnesses. The case is being clarified by the police.

Nguyen Tuan


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