Vietnamese artists bitterly "lost everything" after one night only because of the publicity of love


Phuong Hang – Mr. Tam is a pair of beautiful actors and singers from the Vietnamese entertainment industry, getting the love of the public, but few people know, the process comes along with them other than sweetness, love is still very many difficulties that up now the couple confided.

Appearing in the talkshow Statement of intimacy, husband and wife Phuong Hang "Glutinous sticky rice" shared with the public about the work, love story of both.

Vietnamese artists bitterly

Mr. Tam confessed, at first he liked Phuong Hang because she smiled with cute teeth.

Mr. Tam met Phuong Hang and actively "saw her" as he watched her. "At the time, Tam's wife was acting like a" New Smile, "starring with her brother Tam. At first, Tam did not pay much attention, used to be coworkers in the movie. sing, but to see him play the drama, "the singer told the process of conquering Phuong Hang.

He also added that before meeting the actress, he was not in the habit of displaying his lover's profile on his personal page, but since he met Phuong Hang, everything changed and he was more open in expressing affection. The difficult moment in Anh Tam's career also started from here.

Vietnamese artists bitterly

They both choked to remember the difficult moment when love was public.

"From the moment we put the image of Hang on the personal page, everything has dissipated, hurt. Everything is cut, "Tam recalled.

The male singer said, "When I meet Hang, my colleagues say, artists who want to succeed must focus on their careers and not love. They said "that girl is just a flower, I choose she'll lose everything, now I choose," Tam decided to choose the Hang.

Please be direct, at night I lost everything. I'm very sad but accepted. Tam will retire to do the best for Hang and prove to those people that they can love, I can work too. "

Vietnamese artists bitterly

It is the true love of both who helps Anh Tam overcome the difficulties and they are together for a long time.

Tam's story told the audience to recall the news that had been tingling for some time when Anh Tam was elected to turn his back because of the choice of heart.

Talking more about Phuong Hang, Anh Tam said that when he met Hang, she was exactly the model of his dream woman, so he wanted to bring her happiness. He stated that only the true love of the two helped him overcome difficulties and remain together for a long time.

Three years of love, mutual understanding, Hang Phuong was also very satisfied with her husband, she said, she does not have a warm physique, good-looking and initially did not think that Anh Tam dedicated all her love, but what he did did , proposed to her in Binh Thuan and her choice made her believe in the love of Anh Tam.

Vietnamese artists bitterly

Phuong Hang thanked Anh Tam for sacrificing everything for her.

Entering the Challenge section, the couple turned out quite well, Anh Tam revealed, since he had met Phuong Hang, he changed many of his habits as Phuong Hang, so he was extremely confident with that part.

When answering the question "What are the advantages of Phuong Hang that made Tam feel like?", He replied: "Laughing with beautiful teeth". Phuong Hang asked him a lot, but in the past, he only liked her because he had beautiful teeth and not as people and his personality. In response, Anh Tam laughed and quickly moved on to another sentence.

In addition, the couple is not afraid to "sue" each other on the television wave in the Corner of Contempt. Phuong Hang said, Anh Tam loves his wife very much, is afraid of his wife, but is very hard in all decisions, always follows his will. Mr. Tam replied immediately, "Normally, at Tam's house, I did all the household chores, I prepared everything, I like the clean and tidy things. When finished, Tam also had to move, so he wanted to do it himself.

Vietnamese artists bitterly

The couple gave many apologies and thanks.

Phuong Hang also agreed because she believed in the aesthetics of her husband, although sometimes she was angry. Another thing that makes Phuong Hang unhappy is that her husband or make friends with beautiful girls on facebook but does not like her male co-stars. Mr. Tam explained that I simply did not like it, but still believed in Phuong Hang's loyalty.

At the end of the program, the couple apologized and thanked them. Mr. Tam said it is a small regret not to make a common product for two people to have a good memory later for my children to review. He also hopes that this year will try to fulfill all promised to Phuong Hang. Phuong Hang could not resist the emotion in thanking Mr. Tam for sacrificing everything for her.

Phuong Nhung
Photograph: Cao Hoang Trong – Tran Huy Tuan


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