Vietnam U22 strength has increased significantly before the Asian U23


Also on the U23 Asian qualifier, the U23 Vietnam team (actually 22, to pick up the U23 continental tournament in early 2020) will bring together the new U22 champion Southeast Asia is Indonesia in Group K. This table also has two other teams, Thailand and Brunei.

Indonesia are the team that defeated the U22 Vietnam 1-0 team in the semi-finals of the Southeast Asian U22 tournament in 2019, it is unclear how much of the component they are participating in the U23 Asian qualifying tournament at the end of March. Particularly in the Vietnam U23 team will certainly have a big change compared to the U22 South East Asia tournament participants.

Perhaps only a few players from the U22 age group have just played in Southeast Asia and ended up lost to Indonesia in the semifinals for the U23 Asian qualifiers.

U22 forces in Vietnam increased significantly before the Asian knockout phase - 1
Quang Hai will be added to the Vietnam U23 team, participating in the U23 Asian Qualifier

This is almost natural because the U23 Vietnam team needs a better strength to qualify for the continental tournament, while most of the best players in the Vietnamese football era do not participate in the U22 tournament. Southeast Asia, because of the professional ice, they now need to regroup, so that the tournament stones are of a higher level, more competitive than that of Southeast Asia U22.

Quang Hai, Doan Van Dau, goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung, strikers Duc Chinh and Tien Linh will definitely be present. The Tran Dinh Trong midfielder, if he can recover from the injury, will be called to the U23 team in Vietnam to strengthen the defense.

The coach of the U23 Vietnamese team to participate in the Asian U23 tournament also differs from the coach who used to keep the team in the U22 tournament in Southeast Asia. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan will make room for expert Park Hang Seo expert.

Of course, compared to the ability to command and affect the team, the Coach Park Hang Seo outperformed all other coaches who work in Vietnamese football.

The other coach, the team's game will be different, based on a better human background, thus waiting for a better performance for the Vietnam U23 team in the Asian qualifying tournament.

What is interesting is that, as in Indonesia U23, it is not clear which Thai U23 uses which component to participate in the Asian U23 qualifier? Do they call all players from the age group who are playing professionally in the Thai League to kick this tournament?

In the latest Asian Under-23 tournament, Thailand's U23 team did not use strong forces, so they failed in the Under-23 Asian Champions League in 2018. Did they know if they changed their opinions in youth tournaments?

In particular, has the component that just participated in the U22 tournament in Southeast Asia on the U22 Vietnam team have any so-called additional players in the near future? Does this depend on Park Hang Seo's coach, depending on Mr. Park's opinion of which player is supplemented, do you agree with the way he played?

Kim Dien

U22 strengths in Vietnam have increased significantly before the Under-23's Asian tie


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