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Vietnam U20 results 2-1 U20 Tajikistan: 3 first points


In the opening match of Group C of the U20 Asian futsal tournament in 2019, which took place yesterday afternoon, Tajikistan's U2 team lost to Japan U20 with a score of 1 to 3. In the previous Tajik competition, coach Truong Quoc Tuan of the U-20 futsal team in Vietnam came to monitor and search to find a reasonable solution to the match this afternoon (June 15).

Perhaps thanks to careful research and preparation, the U20 team in Vietnam has partially neutralized the game of West Asian players in the game this afternoon. With the ingenuity of the players, futsal U20 Vietnam won 2-1 to gain advantage before the confrontation with the next Japan.

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In Group C of this year's U20 futsal tournament in 2019, Tajikistan U20 team can be considered as a direct opponent of U20 Vietnam because this group has only 3 teams. Therefore, the U20 Vietnam recruitment aims to win a ticket to continue as a second table after Japan U-20.

Classification in Table C of the Asian U20 Futsal Prize 2019:

Order Team Win Hoa Bad Compensation Punctuation
1 Japan 1 0 0 +2 3
2 Vietnam 1 0 0 +1 3
3 Tajikistan 2 0 2 -3 0

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