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Vietnam Tel won the ticket in the 1/8 round of the 2019 Asian Cup against Jordan

Exceptional situation

01:10, 18/01/2019

Lebanon played with great determination in the duel with North Korea. Despite having suffered before, this team returned spectacularly to win by 4 to 1 against their opponents.

People's Cup in the Asian Cup 1/8 of 2019, due to the image of a jordan 1
Matches in the 1/8 round of the 2019 Asian Cup.

While winning 4-1 against North Korea to get the same 3 points, the number -1 is like the Vietnam Tel, but Lebanon can not win tickets for the 1/8 round when more yellow cards are registered.

Thus, Vietnam Tel is the last team to win tickets for the 1/8 round of the Asian Cup 2019. Opponents of teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo are Jordan, impressive team, by defeating Australia, Syria and Palestine in this year's tournament. The match between Vietnam and Jordan Tel will take place on January 20.

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