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Friday, June 21, 2019 06:14 AM (GMT + 7)

(Video, results of the German Under-21 football – Serbia Under-21, European Under-21 tournament) "The German tanks" showed a huge force in a match with 7 goals.

Germany U21 entered the second round of Group B VC U21 U21 Championship against Serbia rival U21. The young "tanks" gained 3 points after the first round, while the Serbian Under-21 did not get any point after the defeat to the Under-21 Denmark.

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Germany Under-21 had a good game before the Under-21s of Serbia

Pressing against the opponent, the German U21 needed 16 minutes to break the opponent's net. The winner was Marco Richter with a clever and fast-paced finish. In the 30th minute, "Young tanks" doubled the gap with Waldschmidt's goal. The forward born in 1996 scored a double after 7 minutes with a single midfield.

Coming to the second half, the German Under-21 continued to press, but it was not until 69 minutes that they had the next goal. The winner was Dahoud with a long shot. After that, the midfielder is playing for Dortmund to play an assistant role in the situation in which Waldschmidt completes a hat-trick.

In the 85th minute, the Under-21 Serb had a goal to eliminate Zivkovic's penalty on penalties, but Arner Maier created a 90+ 2-out-of-the-box super-product to end the gruesome Eastern European day. Eventually, the German U21 won 6-1 against Serbia Under-21 and climbed to the top of Group B with 6 absolute points.

Final score: Germany Sub21 6-1 U21 Serbia (H1: 2-0)

Score goals

German Sub21: Marco Richter 16 & # 39 ;; Waldschmidt 30, 37, 80, Dahoud 69, Maier 90, + 2

Serbian Under-21: Zivkovic 85 & # 39;

Starting the lineup

U21 Germany: Nubel, Henrichs, Baumgartl, Tah, Klostermann, Eggstein, Neuhaus, Dahoud, Oztunali, Richter, Waldschmidt

Serbia Under-21: Radunovic, Gajic, Milenkovic, Bábic, Bogosavac, Lukic, Racic, Pantic, Zivkovic, Jovic, Radonjic

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The game was won with a long shot into the beautiful goal in the 89th minute.


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