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VFF would like to change the schedule of Vietnam against Korea to the Olympic dream

The Football Association of Vietnam has just proposed a change in the timing of the East Asian Supercup game between Vietnam and Korea on March 26.

VFF would like to change the schedule of Vietnam against Korea to the Olympic dream

Recently, the Football Association of Vietnam sent a statement to the South East Asian Football Association (AFF) to propose a change in the schedule of the Southeast Asian Super Cup game between Vietnam and South Korea, due to take place on the 26th. 3 coming to Hanoi.

VFF would like to change the Vietnam calendar against Korea for the Olympic dream of images
"Quartet" Tien Dung, Duc Chinh, Van Hau, Quang Hai will make the core of U23 Vietnam kicking the Asian qualifiers

The reason given is because the time this match happens coincides with the schedule of the game U23 Vietnam – Thailand U23 in the Asian qualifier in 2020. This tournament takes place from March 22 to 26. Vietnam is one of the host countries, hosting the K table in Ho Chi Minh City. If you pass the group stage, the U23 Vietnam will be present at UEFA U23 Asia 2020, the tournament where the top three, third, will have tickets to attend the men's football at Tokyo Olympic 2020.

With the special importance of this tournament, in addition to the fact that Vietnam has to face two strong rivals, Thailand and Indonesia, we will definitely use the stronger team with Quang Hai, Van Hau or Prime. Bui Tien Dung, … In addition, Coach Park Hang Seo will also participate directly in the tournament.

So that will affect the strength of Vietnam Tel in the Super Cup match against Korea. Then the VFF wrote to rebook the schedule of the Supercopa. Based on VFF's proposal, FIFA operations schedule and comments from the Korean side, the AFF considered making a rational decision.


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