Verdict Italy v Liechtenstein 2:45 on March 27


Italy x Liechtenstein 2h45 days 273 (Euro 2020 qualification) image
Italy vs Liechtenstein

Trial of Italian football vs Liechtenstein: 4-0

Italy was very disappointed when it failed to contribute to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In the 2018/2019 UEFA Cup of Nations, the 4th World Cup team is also not good, when it came in 2nd place in 3rd place behind Portugal in League A.

Coach Mancini has been criticized long after Italy's poor performance in the UEFA League of Nations but still retains their opinions and philosophy of football by relying on and giving young players the opportunity to drive towards the goal of winning Euro tickets 2020.

With his steadfastness, the 54-year-old helped Italy to compete better and better. In the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying match on 24 March, Azzurri won 2-0 against an unpleasant Finnish opponent.

This is the game where Italy won 3 points thanks to the brightness of young stars. It was Nicolò Barella, who scored the first goal in the seven minutes and Moise Kean, the 19-year-old striker of Juventus.

Today, coach Mancini and his team will play the second match of Group J qualifying for Euro 2020 at home with Liechtenstein. This is Italy's worst competitor in all respects and the weakest in this group.

In the past, Italy faced Liechtenstein twice. As a result, the 4-team world champion team won with 4-0 and 5-0 difference. So the win tonight is almost at the fingertips of coach Mancini.

In fact, Italy has gradually regained its strength after a series of positive games in the past, but to please Azzurra supporters, teachers and coaches have not yet made Mancini. That was the Finnish victory recently.

The machine called Italy under the operation of coach Mancini still faces many problems. Defense goods are still distracting, the midfield and the attackers sometimes did not find a common voice.

By confronting opponents playing pouring "concrete" Italy clearly revealed weaknesses in the ability to penetrate, create mutations to make the opponent make mistakes. Even in fixed situations that are considered strong, this team also makes good use of it.

It's hard to ask for perfection from a generation of football transfers like Italy, coach Mancini is better informed about football than anyone else, but he still needs time to help the football team find power again.

In the process of finding the winning formula for Italy, 54-year-old rulers need to try out various football opponents and schools. And tonight the former manager of the city will have a good chance of turning Liechtenstein into a white mouse.


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