Van Quyet missed the penalty, making Hanoi lose at home


Miss Quang Hai, the current V-League champion, lost to Yangon United 0-1 in the third round of the AFC Cup group stage on April 2.

Hanoi 0-1 Yangon United

Main developments in Hanoi – Yangon United. Editor: Quang Dung.

Objective: Lwin 42 & # 39;

Hanoi is much more appreciated than Yangon United before the 2/4 night. The Vietnamese team led the way with many players who have just won the 2014 AFF Cup and played at home while their opponents lost in the first two games. Yangon coach Myo Min Tun also admitted: "Our chances of continuing are very small." He also praised Chu Dinh Nghi's teachers: "Hanoi is the strongest table team. Finding them is a big challenge for us now."

The current V-League champions have proven that their admiration for them is not too much for their field performance. In 90 minutes, Van Quyet and his team-mate 27 times bombed the Yangon goal, four times more than their opponent; 70% of ball control and 10 times penalty. However, the most important thing is the goal, they are not achieved because of the lack of grace of the attack. Even in the most delightful situation, captain Van Quyet also lost 11 meters in the 55th minute.

By scoring a lot without scoring goals, Hanoi must accept the bad government of football. After 42 minutes, Van Kien went into a quick run with Maung Maung Lwin. Yangon winger escaped to face goalkeeper Van Cong before easily placing his heart, scoring the only goal of the match.

Van Quyet was injured and had to leave the field immediately after a penalty shot was broken. Photo: Giang Huy "date-natural-h =" 360 "date-natural-width =" 600 "src =" - 1554214337.jpg

Van Quyet was injured and had to leave the field immediately after a penalty shot was broken. Photograph: Giang Huy.

Due to the artillery with the Asian U23 2020 qualifying team, Quang Hai, Dinh Trong and goalkeeper Tien Dung watched the April 2 match of the stands with Park Hang-seo coach. Quang Hai constantly hugged his head in regret as the delightful opportunities passed by his teammates while Dinh Trong and Tien Dung were thoughtful, unable to believe what was happening in Hang Dam.

Those who did not feel good soon came to Capital fans when midfielder Thanh Chung left the field in the 36th minute after a normal match. Six minutes later, Hanoi gave in to the network. This is one of the two waves of Yangon created in the game, the remaining situation comes in the minute of stop time, when the defensive line of Hanoi increases more than half a meter to find a goal. However, the infantry Vinicius Miller does not take advantage.

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Hanoi used many stages to hang the ball in the penalty area, taking advantage of the non-combat ability of foreign soldiers. Photograph: Giang Huy.

Hanoi is faithful to the border attack throughout the game. Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem has managed three houses: Van Quyet, Hung Dung and Thanh Luong to play behind duo Samson – Omar. At the end of the second half, he withdrew the only scanner left by Moses to replace striker Van Dai. The full team of hosts attackers caused tremendous pressure on goalkeeper Kyaw Zin Htet. Taking advantage of the height of Omar and Samson, Hanoi uses many balls hanging to ban Yangon.

This way of playing left Yangon very embarrassed and often almost at hand. However, Omar, for his part, Samson missed the opportunity. The best opportunity of the owners belongs to Samson. A minute after being led, Omar rose and hit the head of the Yangon goalkeeper to push the ball right in front of Samson's entrance. A few feet away, the natural striker from Hanoi brought the ball to the bar. In the 26th minute, Thanh Chung headed the ball with a cross.

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Van Kien (No. 13) played aggressively throughout the game but made a mistake that made Hanoi fail. Photograph: Giang Huy.

When Van Quyet was substituted 18 minutes into the game, the defending team was replaced by Oseni. The top scorer of the 2018 League joins Omar and Samson, remaining blinds to banning Yangon. This change helps the Vietnamese team to control most situations in the second ball. However, this is not enough to help them with a goal.


Hanoi: Van Cong, Thanh Chung (Van Dung 36), Duy Manh, Van Kien, Van Hau, Moses (Van Dai 69), Omar, Hung Dung, Thanh Luong, Van Quyet (58 Oseni), Samson.

Yangon: Zin Htet, Wai Min (Khant Lwin 72), Rein Soe, Moukailou, Kyaw Khant, Kosuke, Aung Kyaw, Miller, Mg Lwin, Min Naing (Zin Oo 60), Sylla (Ko Qui 85 & # 39;).

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