Van Duc reported sad news for Vietnam Tel in the King's Cup 2019


VIDEO: Recovering the incredible technical admiration of Quang Hai and Van Duc (Implementation: Ngoc Bao /

The Vietnam Football Federation has accepted an invitation to attend the 2019 King's Cup in Thailand. This is the first time after 13 years, the Vietnam team participated in the tournament of four heroes on Thai soil. This is the tournament for Coach Park Hang Seo prepare for the qualifier of the World Cup 2022.

However, the Korean strategist will probably not have the service of Phan Van Duc. SLNA player suffered a ligature injury at a training session before the second round of 2019. Currently, he had to treat injuries with foreign experts from the PVF center.

Physiotherapist Adrien has revealed that Phan Van Duc is in the early stages of the treatment so it is not possible to conclude when the midfielder will return to play at any time. This is bad news for SLNA because this team is facing a personal crisis.

According to soccer, the specialist Adrien shared: "Van Duc's injury is related to ligaments. He was only in the early stages of treatment, so I could not tell how long Germany would have to rest. Van Duc will have to go through three stages in rehabilitation training. The first is in the exercise room with therapy exercises. Phase 2 is the exercises related to the ball. In the final stage, Van Duc will participate in off-field exercises as normal teammates.

I want to emphasize that Van Duc is a very potential player. We will not very quickly promote the progress of injury recovery that affects you. Instead, let's let this player practice slowly. It is also the best way for Van Duc not to return to his wounds when he returns for the first time.".

From the recommendation of the director of Gede, Phan Van Duc is an indispensable link in the tactical diagram of Coach Park Hang Seo. Van Duc contributed a lot to winning the Asian Under-23 runners-up, the top four Asian, the eight best Asian cups and the 2018 AFF Cup.

Therefore, Van Duc's long-term vacation is also very sad news for the Korean strategist. Thus, Park will have to test a lot in the 2019 King's Cup, thus finding a plan to replace Van Duc at the next World Cup in 2022. Van Duc's position still has many excellent names such as Nguyen Van Toan, Nguyen Hoang Duc or Nguyen Cong Phuong …


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