Using a hammer to kill his wife and push into the river


Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 20:00 PM (GMT + 7)

After using a hammer to kill his wife, the defendant on the phone informed his neighbors and boys to come and see.

On January 29, the Can Tho City People's Court opened a first-instance trial and sentenced the defendant Huynh Kim Thien (53 years old, living in the Thoi Lai district, Can Tho city) to life imprisonment for manslaughter.

According to the indictment, Huynh Kim Thien and Ms. CTN (51 years old) practice the transport of boats on the Muoi Que ferry, Thi Doi, in front of the Dong Thanh village gate, Thoi Lai district.

Due to jealousy, Thien doubted that Mrs. N. had an affair with the others, from 2014 between Thien and her husband, there were frequent conflicts and often Thien caused injuries to his wife. Therefore, in October 2017, Ms. N. filed for divorce and was accepted by the Thoi Lai District People's Court.

Using a hammer to kill his wife and push into the river - 1

Defendant Huynh Kim Thien in court

On the morning of May 22, Mme. N. rented a motorcycle to see a doctor. At this point, Thien became jealous and led to both arguments. On the night of the same day, Mme. N. went to the boat, which often took guests under the Thi Doi channel to sleep. Around 00:00 on May 23, Thien took the hammer to the place where Mrs. N. was sleeping and hit many of her head and face and shoved the victim into the river.

After causing the crime, Thien ran away. After that, Thien phoned his neighbor and his son working in Ho Chi Minh City to find out how to kill his wife and how to call.

In the morning of the same day, people discovered Mrs. N.'s body floating on the pier near Dong Thuan High School, about 1.9 km away from the scene.

At the end of 27-5, Thien returned to the locality when the police discovered and chased him.

The completion of the forensic examination showed that the victim died of asphyxiation after shock due to head and face injuries caused by sharp objects.

The results of the psychiatric forensic examination show that, due to the influence of the Thien War, there is a severe hearing loss of 50%. Before, during and after the sentence, the accused has limited ability to perceive and control behavior due to mental illness.

The Court ruled that the defendant's actions violated health and human life protected by law. Just because of envy, the accused selfishly killed his wife and shocked the audience. The defendant's behavior is very dangerous and needs to be dealt with strictly. Therefore, the Court decided to declare the accused above.

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