US-Trieu summit: Vietjet buys 100 new Boeing aircraft


At noon on February 27, 2019, at the Presidential Palace, Vietjet and Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation officially signed a contract to buy 100 new 737 MAX aircraft valued at $ 12.7 billion at list prices. by the manufacturer.

Vietgu General Manager Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao and Mr. Kevin McAllister, President and CEO of the Boeing Group, signed the agreement to buy the aircraft in the presence of Secretary General and State President Nguyen Phu Trong. and US President Donald Trump. The signing event took place during the important summit between the United States and North Korea in Hanoi.

Kevin McAllister, President and CEO of Boeing Group, said: "We are happy to expand our partnership with VietJet and contribute to its growth. We are confident that the new and more advanced models, such as the 737 MAX, will help VietJet to develop more effectively and to bring more flight opportunities to its customers, we are really impressed by the growth of the economy in Hanoi. As in Vietnam in general, Vietjet and the national aviation industry are growing strongly, which are two factors that help to stimulate domestic tourism, in addition to connecting Vietnam with contribute to this economic development, which also helps to support and promote engineering and made in the USA. "

Previously, Vietjet also signed an order with 100 B737 MAX aircraft in 2016, marking the largest commercial aircraft business in the aviation industry in Vietnam and is now an airline with orders B737 MAX higher in Asia.

US-Trieu summit: Vietjet buys 100 new Boeing airplanes - Photo 1.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, General Director of Vietjet, shared: "The new 100 aircraft contracts and cooperation agreements for 200 B737 MAX aircraft are today one of Vietji's important steps in the open plan. Expanding the international flight network with excellent performance, giving customers many opportunities to experience exciting flights to new international destinations, signing a contract under the testimony of two heads of state at the Summit. US peak – The tide in Hanoi will be a special brand in the development of two " .

In addition to the agreement with the aircraft, Boeing will partner with Vietjet to support the airline as well as the Vietnam aviation industry in order to improve technical knowledge, pilot training and technical skills, as well as improve management capabilities .

The same day, Vietjet and the General Electric Group (USA) also signed an agreement on the long-term service of the LEAP-1B engine, worth $ 5.3 billion, at the price announced by the manufacturer. The contract includes the provision of backup mechanisms and service packages to equip new and modern aircraft orders that the company has ordered. Thus, the total value of these contracts signed between the corporate companies Vietjet and North American was of 18 billion dollars.

In the context of Vietnam selected for the US-Trieu summit meeting, the contract to order large airplanes has contributed to increase the volume of business between the United States and Vietnam. Vietnam is also a country that has achieved success in promoting economic development. Vietjet is a pioneer in international foreign relations, economic diplomacy and the image of Vietnam innovating for the world.

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