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Vo Hoang Yen once again expressed the annoying attitude toward students that many people panic.

Having been consulted on how to guide the contestants when they were challenged, Vo Hoang Yen shifted his weapon, softening slightly. However, recent broadcasts show that the fierce image of the supermodel rose gradually when she asked to insert the milk tea into the mouth of the competitor because of the error.

Continuing on the last teaser for the next episode, the viewer is "more terrified" about the trainer's violent personality. Thus, the supermodel demanded to throw the notebook in the head of the competitor Quynh Anh in the team, causing everyone to panic.

In particular, Vo Hoang Yen irritated: "Oh no, you do not play Quynh Anh anymore, time to play and then focus on your words without saying!" Warmer, Vo Hoang Yen warned the competitors, threatening to act by holding the cover of the file and shouting, "You have it in my head."

the face: cang thang len cao. Wild yen ... # 34; launched by female competitors - 1

Vo Hoang Yen demanded to throw objects at the beginning of the contest, causing South Central to panic.

the face: cang thang len cao. yen wild ... released by student birth - 2

Maybe the pressure left only two candidates make the coach becomes more stressful than ever. While the other 2 teams still have 4 members, the pressure to suppress Vo Hoang Yen is also understandable.

the face: cang thang len cao. wild yen ... # 34; The Birth of the Queen's Daughter - 3

The education of supermodels little by little for the team's last two competitors are Tuan Kiet and Quynh Anh.

the face: cang thang len cao. wild yen ... # 34; released at the end of the year - 4

In the previous episode, Quỳnh Anh was also the candidate was Vo Hoang Yen demanding to put vegetarian milk in his mouth, because the rotation is not.

Unlike Vo Hoang Yen, Thanh Hang and Minh Hang calm down when teaching only candidates. In a scene with the table scene, Minh Pendure instructed Bella to move deliberately by stumbling to create a hit point.

The singer-actor asked the competitor to create a twisting motion of the heel, then left the vacuum to go as Thanh Hang's coach when he went through the press conference of the show, and expressed the attitude of a nudge: "This is my Thanh Hang that school."

the face: cang thang len cao. wild yen ... # 34; Posted by admin - 5

One of the highlights of the press conference of The Face Vietnam 2018 is the moment of stumbling on the track of coach Thanh Hang when the press release on the catwalk. Intelligent handling unexpected situation, Thanh Hang walkway barefoot and still maintain its strong charisma, charm.

the face: cang thang len cao. wild yen ... & # 34; Posted by admin - 6 months ago

Minh Hang imitates the stumbling movement of the Thanh Hang sisters at the press conference to launch The Face Vietnam 2018.

the face: cang thang len cao. wild yen ... # 34; The Birth of the Queen's Daughter - 7

While Vo Hoang Yen was surprised by this "spin," Thanh Hang just gave him a cold smile. From here, the public continues to be curious and concerned about the fate of "The Flood" after the first crack in the previous episode.

the face: cang thang len cao. wild yen ... # 34; The Birth of the Queen's Daughter - 8

Thanh Hang chuckled in the whirlwind of her closest sister on TV.

In American soil, Pham Huong still cut the cut of Vo Hoang Yen while playing the long shirt

Pham Huong, Hoang Yen just participated in the fierce Vbiz running dress.

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