U15 Football League – Next Media 2019: HAGL collapsed, SLNA "crushed" HCMC-24h football


Thursday, June 20, 2017 22:07 (GMT + 7)

In the second series, the U15 – Next Media 2019 national race was more dramatic when HAGL lost, while Thanh Hoa won the first game.

Game Developments (Source: BongdaTV, VTVCab)

At 4:00 p.m. on June 20, the match of the second match of U15 Group A – Next Media 2019 between U15 HAGL and U15 Thanh Hoa was fierce when they both wanted favorable results. to compete tickets for the semifinals.

U15 Football League - Next Media 2019: HAGL collapses, SLNA

U15 HAGL suddenly lost the game

U15 HAGL players with "maestro" Nguyen Thai Quoc Cuong are the most dominant team in the first half. "Cong Phuong Cousin" is the player with the most dangerous U15 HAGL chance in the first 40 minutes. With the ball above goalkeeper Le Anh Tuan, unfortunately for the player to use the number 7 when the ball did not enter the goal of U15 Thanh Hoa.

The other side "front line", Bui Van Noi and Doan Ngoc Ha all had a clear chance to score in the first half The most regrettable was the first shot less than 3m away from the goalkeeper of the office of Bao Duy U15 HAGL just above of the lime line.

U15 regret, Thanh Hoa, did not last long when it was the player with the 21 jersey who made a high-class tire in the 50th minute, opening the scoring for Thanh's team.

After losing goals, U15 HAGL deployed continuous attacks in the middle of U15 Thanh Hoa. The result came to the Mountain City team in the 73rd minute of the second half, after the blockbuster reached about 25 meters from Quoc Cuong.

However, unlike the first game, despite having an overproduct, Quoc Cuong could not smile when defender Cam Ba Thanh liked "off the ground", banged his head near the correct post. The cross of Trinh Van San, scored to win 2 to 1 for U15 Thanh Hoa in the 80's of the second half. All U15 HAGL players collapsed after the whistle ended the game.

U15 Football League - Next Media 2019: HAGL collapses, SLNA

U15 Thanh Hoa created a surprise

After the exciting victory, U15 coach Nguyen Duc Hoang of Thanh Hoa said: "In today's game, we are happy to defeat U15 HAGL. In the last round to meet the U15 TP. HCM, U15 Thanh Hoa always devotes the greatest respect to competitors and tries his best to get positive results. "

Continuing the joy of the U15, Thanh Hoa, U15's SL15 players created a scorching party before host U15 City. HCM. Van Van Quy (15), Le Van Quy (29 & 39), Ngo Van Bac (39 & 39) and Nguyen Van Bay (77 & 39) are players on the board of U15 SLNA. Meanwhile, the honorable goal of U15 host TP. HCM belongs to Nguyen Cong Quang in 64 minutes.

Failure with the score 1-4 before U15 SLNA made U15 TP. HCM continued to sink in last place in Group A with 0 points after 2 matches. Meanwhile, the U15 SLNA led the group with 6 points, ranked 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, U15 HAGL and U15, Thanh Hoa, with the same 3 points, but the Mountain City team remained in the sub-index.

In the third match in Group A took place on June 22, the home team U15 TP. HCM will find U15 Thanh Hoa. Meanwhile, the U15 HAGL will meet the number 1 champion of the SL15 U15. Both games will take place at 15:30.

U15 Football League - Next Media 2019: HAGL collapses, SLNA

The race at the national under-15 tournament became attractive

On June 21, the 2nd match of the U-15 National Championship of Group B – Next Media 2019 will perform 2 pairs of matches that promise to be very attractive. While U15 Viettel's senior team will "solve the problem" called U15 SHB Da Nang at 4pm, Tay Ninh U15 needs a score before U15 Sanvinest Khanh Hoa (kicked at 6.15pm) in the battle of "people suffering."

These two matches will be reported live on Fanpage, Youtube of Next Sports and VFF.


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