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Tlinh played deep melodic rap, so MC Tran Thanh, Karik stood still, Binz also sobbed.

Detailed Program Round Group D Vietnamese rap Officially revealed the opening episode 13 of the warriors, including: Tlinh, MCK, Hanh Or and F. One of the contestants who received the most attention is probably Tlinh – the competitor of the Suboi team when she was a competitor in the group is considered “death”. Despite facing his MCK boyfriend, Tlinh is still extremely confident and ready to break up, despite “breaking the door and breaking the house”.

Tlinh played deep melodic rap, which made MC Tran Thanh and Karik uneasy, Binz also sobbed - Photo 1.

Tlinh faced 3 talented guys: F, MCK and Hanh Or

Possessing the strength of melodic rap, Tlinh surprised the coaching staff, the judges and the audience by entering the stage from the moment he appears. Words from the screen game “Please watch Tlinh in the third round” it also impressed rhyme examiners and clogged plaques.

Throughout Tlinh’s performance, it is not difficult to see the restless reactions of the coaches. Especially, MC Tran Thanh – Coach Karik who sits together in a warm chair and is constantly excited by it. Coach Binz also complained many times because of Tlinh’s deep rhyme game. Or how Coach Wowy had to stand up and clap for the Suboi team’s competitive performance.

Tlinh appeared on stage and attracted the audience from the first sentence

MC Tran Thanh, Coach Karik and Binz are extremely excited by Tlinh

They are continuously “silent” expressions by MC Tran Thanh and 2 coaches

Coach Wowy also had to get up to cheer for her

And this is Coach Karik’s excited expression for the Suboi team competitor

Speaking about Tlinh, Judge Rhymastic said: “Tlinh is a competitor who has the ability to communicate very well. From pronunciation, fluidity to body language on stage are very professional. This is a strength that helps me to go deep and easily win my heart. Worldwide”.

Coach Binz commented again: “My time when I started rapping so far, there are ways to flow like that, I really admire it. Congratulations”.

Tlinh played deep melodic rap, leaving MC Tran Thanh and Karik uneasy, Binz also sobbed - Photo 7.

Tlinh – the Suboi competing team received high praise from coaches and judges

Source: Rap Viet – Photo: Clip clip, screenshot

Tlinh played deep melodic rap, making MC Tran Thanh and Karik uneasy, Binz also sobbed - Photo 8.

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