Tired of living with husband and sister


Before she was married, Lan was afraid to live in her husband's house every day, afraid of her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law. Until she loved Thanh-Lan's current husband, Lan concluded that her later life was not comfortable because she had to live with her husband's house.

But fortunately, Lan's mother-in-law is fairly easy, contrary to what she feared. In the early days as a bride, she was always very loving and devotedly told only her daughter-in-law.

However, to avoid the awful mother-in-law, Lan was caught in her husband's sister. Huong – Lan's sister-in-law is 3 years older than she, but she is not married. Outside, Huong looked kind and good looking, and spoke little. However, if we live in the same place, we can see, but it seems so.

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In front of Lan's husband and his in-laws, Huong always seems to be around, just telling Lan to do some housework, which should be bright and which need to be darkened. But immediately after that, she felt uncomfortable, and Lan sometimes asked Huong not to respond.

It must be said that since Lan's day as a bride, her husband always washed and dried clothes, washing dishes for his sister-in-law.

When Lan was elected, all domestic work, from cooking rice to cleaning the bathroom, came to Lan's hand. In the second month of pregnancy, due to too much morning sickness, Lan vomited in the living room that Huong was vomiting, Uncle, who did not know, was so dirty that Lan was very annoyed.

So Huong used to borrow items from his sister-in-law to wear, especially dresses and clothes. However, Lan asked her husband in a little day, "Sister, do you still need my red dress?" Mai summed up the agency that everyone had to wear red.

Then Huong's face reddened furiously, calling Lan to miss her and throwing her unfairly because she did not borrow her sister-in-law's dress. At dinner, Huong said in front of her in-laws and Lan as "saying no to me," having a dress that also calculated with her husband.

Lan was so hot, Huong said, "Do not slander me.When I gave her, she tried and told me to let go a little to fit in. Waiting for this, Huong shouted at Lan as a great sister-in-law who would live in this house , making her parents and husband try to calm her and give way to each other.

Since this controversy, Lan feels that the family atmosphere is tense. Every day she returned home from work, did not want to go home to meet her husband. She felt miserable, extremely tired. Lan's heart never thought her life was so dark until she met her husband. She wondered, life was a lot of pressure and worry, because women did not live in a selfless, simple way, but they had to cause more suffering to each other.

So it's better to live with each other …

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