Thu Thuy was thrilled to be proposed by 10-year-old children


A lot of friends have sent their blessings to the singer after seeing that the timing of the marriage proposal is extremely romantic.

Clip: A 10-year-old boyfriend kneels and gives a wedding ring to Thu Thuy.

Tonight (June 19), Thu Thuy was officially proposed by her boyfriend Kin Nguyen after about a year of love. Series of romantic photos with wedding proposal clip shared by close friends of singers on social networks.

HOT CLIP: Thu Thuy was emotionally speechless when she was kneeling and proposing-1 by a 10-year-old pilot
Young love Kin Nguyen knelt down and gave Thu Thuy's proposal ring.

CLIP HOT: Thu Thuy was speechless when she was kneeling and proposing-2 by a 10-year-old pilot
The singer's son – little Henry laughed heartily to witness this moment.

Thus, in space with harmonious light and romantic fresh flowers, Kin Nguyen suddenly took the stage and expressed the sincere love he gave Thu Thuy. "I want to be the one who clears my wounds from now on", Kin Nguyen said.

After spreading his heart, the young man suddenly knelt down, took the ring from his pocket and proposed to Thu Thuy: "Be my wife!" The singer smiled brilliantly happy to receive this extremely significant gift. Speaking after a romantic moment, Thu Thuy said that the actions of her 10-year-old boyfriend had left her speechless.

But the most remarkable is the expression of little Henry – the son of Thu Thuy. The boy was very excited when he witnessed the sweet moment of his mother and stepfather.

HOT CLIP: Thu Thuy was emotionally speechless when she was kneeling and praying for the 3-year-old pilot
Kin Nguyen made Thu Thuy really touched.

HOT CLIP: Thu Thuy was emotionally speechless when she was kneeling and praying for the 4-year-old pilot
The image of Kin Nguyen warmly takes the son of Thu Thuy himself. It is known that they treated themselves as "three children".

Seeing a romantic wedding moment, many friends and fans have sent blessings to Thu Thuy. After a 17-year affair with her ex-husband, it appears the singer has found a very hot shoulder to lean on in recent days.

Thu Thuy and Kin Nguyen were involved in dating suspects for about 1 year. Although there is much proof of love given by Internet users, former member H.A.T. still denies the rumor spread.

Until June 10, 2019, a 10-year-old couple officially confirmed their love relationship at the press conference to launch Thu Thuy's new musical product. Here, the singer began to cry with the love that her young lover gave her and her son.

HOT CLIP: Thu Thuy was speechless as she was kneeling and praying for a 5-year-old pilot

"And I also have the opportunity to thank you for sharing so much in my life with you, I understand and I love you and my mother.When I met you, I also said that I am not young, not a child.I have one son, everything around me, time is for me, I do not have much time to love each other like my love.

Before you came to me, I told you the difficulties so that when you entered, you understood. It is not love as people see it when they like to spend a lot of time outside. Everything I say is difficult, if you accept, I will stay with you or I will be alone to help you. On this occasion, thank you for showing up in time for me to open my heart, thank you "Thu Thuy confided.

HOT CLIP: Thu Thuy was speechless when she was kneeling and proposing a 6-year-old pilot

Before sharing Thu Thuy's words, Kin Nguyen did not forget to give his girlfriend sweet words of encouragement. At the same time, he stated that Thu Thuy's son is also his son.

"It's difficult and difficult to overcome any obstacle." "I understand that Mercury needs love is a family." Thuy once told me, "Why do not you look for someone younger, poisonous?" I said, "The person I love it's you.'If I have a child, I can love him, I can do it.Mother and Daddy's love, I ask Thuy's permission to become the third person to take care of Henry ", he confided.

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