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There's a law, everyone cares about the husband going away … "" receptionist & # 39;


There is a law, all the worries about the husband going ... receiving guests - Photo 1.

Diners who come to the restaurant are mostly motorbikes and according to the new law they will also be punished regardless of blood alcohol level – Photo: DONG HA

Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha (who lives in Ward 7, Vung Tau City) has a husband who is an entrepreneur, he usually drinks, receives guests like this: "Banning alcohol while driving is a joy, the expectation of women I am very favorable ".

According to Mrs. Ha, every time he was going to drink late at night, she and her daughter were worried about her husband's accident.

"My daughter forbade my father to drink if I drove.Even my daughter asked me to send my father's license number to the police to monitor and punish.Now, the ban is very good.I have a reason to go to the place seek my husband for safety if I have a little enamel on my body "- said Ha.

After running a few cups after the office, is confirmed by Mr. Luu Van Tai (Da Nang Medical and Pharmaceutical University). Tai said, "We all know and we talk a lot about the terrible effects of excessive alcohol use, so following me, saying no to alcohol when you drive is necessary is to think about your children and grandchildren.This will be a similar" revolution " to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle before.

I'm also a drinker, so of course this will be more or less influential. It was also tense, because it was a habit that I made a few cups after work and then came back home. Applying the law, you have to leave your car somewhere, so maybe you drink less or choose a drink solution at home. I think when this law applies, the eyebrow will be more aware of their lives and others.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chau (76, voters in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) said that alcohol consumption has become a problem, the cause of unhappy families, domestic violence and traffic accidents. The drinks are so common that there are no sidewalks to go, many places form drinking streets.

"We need to implement resolutely, synchronously, should have a roadmap to reduce the habit of using alcohol" – said Mr. Chau.

However, according to some people, the reality in Vietnam has very difficult cases. "For example, going to a wedding today, maybe a hundred or a thousand when you leave the wedding party, go home to get a cab, a motorcycle taxi or a family member to pick you up?" – Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen (resident of the town of Vung Tau) questions.

Lieutenant-Colonel Phan Quoc Viet – captain of the communist order team, the Vung Tau City Police – said the regulation prohibiting drinking while driving is necessary and necessary. According to Mr. Viet, in fact, this is not new because in the past, the law prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages while controlling cars, while motorcycles have a limit. But with the new law, regardless of whether the driver or motorcycle can not "touch" a drop of beer, alcohol is necessary.

Still according to Lieutenant Colonel Viet, there are many causes of traffic accidents, but there are direct causes that stem from indirect causes of alcohol.

"For example, the direct cause of a particular traffic accident due to overtaking or speeding, it is very likely that the driver of the vehicle who has drunk alcohol will take the excitement while driving." "Lieutenant Colonel Viet analyzed it.

Ms. TRAN THI THUO (Da Nang civil servant): I hope that Vietnamese people change their habits

Wine exchanges have become a habit of the Vietnamese people because of the joys of sitting together and lack of alcohol, it is "palpable". Thus, approval of the law is necessary so that before meeting, people think of the way back and think about their wives and children at home.

I hope that when the law comes into force, the authorities will do it strictly to change people's habits.

Representative PHAM THI MINH HIEN (Phu Yen): Not very satisfied, but …

I am not completely satisfied with the whole content of the law, but in any case the new law has also received comments from voters and public opinion to add some backbone content, such as banning people with alcohol. This is a very important content, many participants when the discussion was in difficulties and I seemed to have been excluded from the content.

There is a lot of work to do to put the law into practice. What is needed now is to promote communication and raise awareness so that all citizens are aware of preventing and limiting the consequences of alcohol.

The National Assembly decides: Parliament decides: "stupid" alcohol and beer while driving

TTO – After many struggles and additions – giving up the terms and draft of the Alcohol and Alcohol Prevention Act impaired by the National Assembly on the morning of June 14, in which traffic control regulations are prohibited when drinking alcohol and beer .

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