The unexpected revelation of the suspicious family killed the 8-year-old daughter and threw her into the Han River


Wednesday, February 27, 2019 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

It's been three days since we learned that Bui Van Hao came down to kill his daughter and dumped his uncle's body at Han River in Da Nang, his suspected relatives could not return. .

The PV went to the Bui Van Hoi family (in the commune of Hoa Tien, Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province) to recognize the opinions of suspicious relatives.

The unexpected revelation of the suspicious family killed his 8-year-old daughter and threw her into the Han River - 1

She was in pain when she learned that her son murdered her grandson.

The house of Bui Van Hoi is a small house in the neighborhood. Now there's Mrs. N.T.D. at home. (SN 1949) is the mother of the object sitting on the bed. Since the news of his son's hand to kill his grandson, his health has become diminished, exhausted and always has someone to care for. In addition, the neighbors who heard the news also came to visit and encourage the family.

"I know what happened to my grandson. On the night of February 24, when I was home, I received a phone call from a grandson who was going to export labor in South Korea saying that he had killed his son.

His nephew told me that there was a person sending text messages on his Korean phone, he asked someone to translate it into Vietnamese, if the content was a guy, he killed his biological child, B.T.U.N.

I did not believe in the beginning. Then he arrived around 9:00 PM the same day, I contacted hi, so he confessed: I accidentally killed N. then, "she said sadly.

Still according to Mrs. D., she asked the reason why she caused the problem, but the object did not say. Her family encouraged her to go to the police station to confess, but she hesitated.

Also in the evening, Mrs. D. contacted her children who were doing business in Kon Tum province, telling them to go to Danang to see what it was like. 3 sons of D. immediately rushed to Da Nang during the night.

After that, it was reported that the girl had murdered her on Facebook. Around 2:00 am on February 25, the suspect was arrested by police agencies near the Da Nang bus area.

The unexpected revelation of the suspicious family killed her 8-year-old daughter and threw her into the Han River - 2

Mrs. B. T.: We did not expect the left hand to kill their own child.

Ms. B.T.T. (SN 1973) the suspect's sister said: Hi and his wife L.T.H. (SN 1991) had 3 children together. Ms. N. (SN 2011) is an older daughter and in 2013 Mrs. H. was able to have two children, B.V. and B.V.A.

When he married, he went to export labor in South Korea in 2010 and had a male and female relationship with a Korean national woman. After that, the couple left a fight.

Conflict can not cure, in early 2018, the couple joined for divorce. Creating the nephew N. and Mrs. H. creating two grandchildren B. and A. Divorcing their wives, Hới brought his daughter to Đà Nẵng to live.

"We stayed home and did not know what it was that came to Danang, but he never called home. In the New Year, neither returns.

It was very shocking for her to admit the death of her daughter. My children are born, love is not enough, but it is dedicated to conscientious killing children makes people extremely sad.

Now I only hope that the authorities will soon find N.'s body to bring him back to his native village. Our family is tired, "said Mrs. T.

Earlier, as on 25 February, the Da Nang City Police arrested Bui Van Hoi (SN from 1972, living in Hu village, Hoa Tien commune, Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province) to investigate the behavior. murder. The victim in the case is B.T.U.N. (SN 2011), the subject's biological child.

According to the initial investigation, around March 2018, after completing the divorce process with his wife, L.T.H., she took her daughter to Da Nang City to live and send to the temple. In the month of 1/2019, he received his son to live with his Korean lover at the hotel in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra district.

In the process of living, between Hao and his daughter a conflict arises. Mrs. H. knows this, she often calls Oi, expressing her jealous attitude. At the same time, the lover of Hua left for Korea.

Around 2 pm on February 1, Hao used his hand to strangle his daughter to death. In order to hide his behavior, he abandoned his daughter's body in a bag and threw him into the Han River near the Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

Currently, the CSDT Police Department in Da Nang City continues to struggle with Oi, determined to seek the N's body to investigate and deal with the case in accordance with the law.

The father murdered his 8-year-old daughter in Da Nang: Twice taking the body to the funeral

After causing a murder, he lived next to his daughter's body for two days to calculate the story.


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