The unexpected question of the giants Duc An when Phan Nhu Thao showed his "inferior" image at age 19


The reaction of giant husband Phan Nhu Thao before his wife's 19-year-old photo made fans laugh.

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Phan Nhu Thao suddenly revealed his past image, particularly in the age of 19 years. At that time, the beauty looked pretty chubby, "true", despite having a superior height compared to their peers. Along with the photo, Uncle Phan Nhu Thao likes wit: "Ca Mau is 19 years old. No laughing, no country.

Phan Như Thảo shows his 19 year old photo on his personal page.

"I was pretty much when I was young," "Teen is pretty," "Is it better now?" If you laugh, you can see your country. "" Very innocent smile, sister "," I am beautiful from an early age, now it is a saltier beauty, I know and I really like you since I was a model "… are compliments to fans' comments.

Most people believe that Phan Nhu Thao at age 19 and nowadays is not much different. Even the "smile of the homeland" smile still remains intact. In response to comments, Phan Nhu Thao "confessed": "You're just getting fat."

Remarkable line of comments from husband Phan Nhu Thao – Duc An Giant.

Notably, Duc An also left a comment under his wife's 19-year-old photo. Reading the couple's comments, the fans could not help laughing. When giants Duc An asked the question: "Is it changed?", Phan Nhu Thao answered frankly: "Late promotional gifts just wake up and ask for changes?".

Phan Nhu Thao humorously replied to the question "Can I change this?" of the giant's husband.

It can be seen that, recently, the giants Duc An and Phan Nhu Thao are the beautiful couples who receive a lot of attention from the public. In particular, Duc An giants constantly "score" in the eyes of the public by ga ga, spoiled wife properly "pack" language.

Recently, when the whole family attended a party, Duc An also took on the care of the children to make Phan Nhu Thao play with his friends freely. At home, he used to make delicious dishes for his wife and children, not afraid to praise his appearance and buy "terrible" presents for his wife.

Recently, the Phan Nhu Thao-Duc An family received wide public attention.

Phan Nhu Thao's family went to the party, but Duc An's actions left men ashamed

The great Duc An family had a very positive and psychological action for Phan Nhu Thao, who left many people with envy and admiration.

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