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Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 15:33 (GMT + 7)

Quang Le's shadow is so big that many boys are afraid to flirt with Thanh Bi.

Recently, actress Thanh Bi has been known to many viewers when she participated in the movie "Judge." But so far, many audiences are still accustomed to calling her "Quang Le's girlfriend," even saying that beautiful people still love and are dating the "Breaking the guitar" voice.

– Looking back on a past of 2018, Thanh Bi is satisfied with what has been achieved?

"I'm quite a perfectionist and greedy, so I'm never satisfied with what I have. Not to mention compared to previous years, 2018 to me too bad because so many things happened not as expected. In return, my acting work is quite convenient when I get many good scripts, invited to play many ads, participate in events, …

In addition, I also trained how to save money and had a little money to do freely what I liked.

Old Quang Le's love has a hobby of wearing sexy clothes: The truth recedes - 1

After a hard time working and saving, now, Thanh Bi has a large amount of money on hand.

– Recently, just referring to Thanh Bi, the public immediately thought of the images of sensual, tissue-saving, and the nickname "Quang Le's old girlfriend." What do you think?

"Saying I'm sexy, storing fabrics is probably a little unfair, because except for the one time I took a bikini shot in the studio in real life, I rarely wore revealing clothing, dressed in front of crowds. Even the maritime images that I often share on my personal page, I see that the series of photos is very artistic, very beautiful and does not exceed the limit.

Particularly with the nickname "Quang Le's old girlfriend," I think that name will continue to be associated with me for a long time. Because so far, I've been pointed out everywhere by now. I said, "Oh, she's Quang Le's lover!" Even though we've been separated for a long time.

Not only that, recently, many audiences also compared me to being "Phan Hai lover" after the success of "Judge." Honestly, both names are the great shadows of Thanh Bi, I do not even know what to do to escape the shadow of the two of you.

But instead of being sad or uncomfortable, I think it is a success and a memorable memory. Not everyone is lucky enough to be connected to one of Vietnam's top male singers, but it is also remembered by the audience, named in a famous movie as "The Judge."

Old love Quang Le has a hobby of wearing sexy clothes: The truth goes back - 2

The love story between Thanh Bi and Quang Le has caused public opinion for a long time.

"So, after more than a year of farewell to Quang Lee, what was Thanh Bi's new love story?"

"Honestly, up to this point, I still have many misunderstandings that I still love him. Even when I was distracted, posting some sad status was also rumored to be sent to him.

Even many people still think we are in love because they still keep in touch, call and exchange messages when they have free time.

Perhaps because of this, over the past time, there was no face that dared to flirt with me (laughs). Or maybe it was because love was so famous, so loud in the newspaper, that somehow he would put them under pressure when he came to me.

"Linda, famous as Thanh Bi, have you ever received messages from the giants?

– Not only Thanh Bi, every girl just needs a beautiful appearance, eat a little was requested by people, in this life there are still many temptations. However, it is important to be alert, how to overcome it and solve it in a way that seems.

In this story, I think I should not rush to judge right and wrong, because it depends on each person's point of view and the level of each type of temptation.

As for Thanh Bi personally, I think in this world everyone has a good face and a bad side, when we face external temptations, we need to try to promote the good side and help overcome the bad. in his own person.

Old Quang Le's love has a hobby of wearing sexy clothes: the truth goes back - 3

The beautiful person recognized the love of old Quang Le as his "giant."

At a young age, Thanh Bi soon had a house with a car that many people admired. But this also makes public opinion that Thanh Bi has a great backstage. What will you say to that idea?

"It used to be true that Thanh Bi used to have" a giant "backed by Quang Le, but now I have no one. Not to mention in this day and age, the story of a great couple is also very normal. I think of who is good for me, I treat them well too, but whether or not to love depends on the word of grace.

As for the house and the car you mentioned, I confessed that it was as normal as all the others. What makes me happier and proud now is the public interest and love for me, not the wealth and material I have.

– After the success of "Judge," Thanh Bi made his own plan in 2019?

– I'm taking care of a lot of plans in 2019. Besides filming and getting back on the small screen, I also want to break into business and hope that my new job has many advantages.

Also, I am also planning to buy a new home for my parents. I think this is the time I need to spend more time with my family and career, instead of being passionate about love, dating as before.

– Thank you, Thanh Bi, for sharing!

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