The transsexual bride Lam Khanh Chi and 4 things that are not Vietnamese beauty can be obtained


Lam Khanh Chi is one of the rare brides who get things that are not beautiful in the Vietnamese showbiz.

Identity transgender loving, claiming to be "princess"

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Lam Khanh Chi is a famous transgender singer of Vietnamese entertainment. No artist dared claim to be "the princess," but Lam Khanh Chi did it! Partly because of its beautiful appearance, partly because of its personality as a part and "cake".

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Lam Khanh Chi makes many people fall in love because of beautiful beauty.

Although surpassing her age of four, the beautiful Lam family has always stated their own attraction and fresh appearance despite their cutlery. The beauty said that in addition to her nose she did not interfere with any form of cutlery on her face.

Lam Khanh Chi's photos posted on the personal page also received a lot of praise from friends and fans. Most opinions is that beauty still retains a youthful physique and a handsome face, she also likes to look and feel like the girls are in their 20s.

A handsome husband, who is good at military standard

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Not only because of the cool beauty, Lam Khanh Chi is also admired by many people because the husband "standard men" and psychology. Lam Khanh Chi's husband, whose real name is Tran Phi Hung, was born in 1985, originally from Nam Dinh. He is currently doing business. They both love almost a year before they decide to go to the wedding.

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Lam Khanh Chi is happy with her husband.

As the beautiful woman shared, she was always spoiled and worried about every meal by her husband. It is not difficult to realize that the other half of Lam Khanh Chi is very beautiful and elegant. In addition, the gestures of love and concern for beauty are very similar to the image of a passionate marshal.

When talking about Phi Hung, My Nhan and Lam did not hide their happiness. She shared: "Every time I go to work outside the home, he keeps sending me text messages and asking questions." He reminds me to eat right at the right time, get enough sleep, and Chi gets very touched and decides to keep the rest of his life with this man ".

Phi Hung also witty relied on: "At home, my wife is often cynical and never has a big argument. The first person to go to the country is my wife, because she keeps saying at the same time that she: My dear, my dear. , then done ".

Is a husband family similar to a husband as a child

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Not only my husband, Lam Khanh Chi, is also very difficult to my husband's family. People often worry about the relationship "mother-in-law", but to Lam Khanh Chi is different. The singer confided: "How happy and happy my in-laws are happy".

By the time she did not officially become a daughter-in-law at home, Lam Khanh Chi was worried about her parents about her in-laws. Allegedly, while still dating Phi Hung, during a visit to Phi Hung's house in Vung Tau, the singer was greeted by her parents in the future. The relationship between her and the members of her husband's family is extremely close.

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Not only Phi Hung, but also the in-laws of Lam Khanh Chi also loved the singer.

She revealed that every visit to her husband's family looks like she's home. Her in-laws not only care and care, but also share with her the sad and happy stories of life.

According to Lam Khanh Chi, the love story between her and Phi Hung was enthusiastically supported by both sides. On the first day of her life, she and her fiance were in tears when they learned that the living brother shared that "I hope the two happy children are happy and happy."

It's not a beauty or a career, for a woman, there is nothing happier than being married to the one you love, even happier when your husband's family is so loved.

There is a first-born son of his own

CLOCK VIDEO: Lam Khanh Chi embraces the son of Thien Long.

After getting married, Lam Khanh Chi also started her dream of becoming a mother. The 42-year-old singer used sperm stored before transgenders and asked the sister-in-law's eggs, then found a pregnant woman. Lam Khanh Chi and his wife performed the birth in Thailand, spending billions of dong just waiting for their baby to be born.

Lam Khanh Chi finally waited until the day she completed her dream of motherhood when her son was born, the singer was happy to tell this story to everyone.

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Lam Khanh Chi has a happy life with her husband and children.

Although you do not carry the blood of your family, Lam Khanh Chi's mother-in-law is still very happy and also gave you a red book of over 400m2 in Vung Tau, making her feel weeping. In fact, she still considered the boy as a grandson, also treated her daughter-in-law very well.

Recently on the talk show History of the weekend, Lam Khanh Chi revealed the reaction of her parents and parents when she had children: "My parents used to tell me that if I can not have children, I want to adopt a child, no matter if I have a child, I just need to be with me when I grow up. Now having a real son, they are very happy. As for my in-laws, my grandparents every two days called me to say: If you're too busy, send me here.

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One can say that Lam Khanh Chi is one of the rare transsexual people who has such a perfect and happy family.

Lam Khanh Chi was painfully revealed because he was still male, so he did not have a marriage certificate

Although she was transsexual for women, she was still male on her birth certificate, so Lam Khanh Chi and her husband still did not get a marriage certificate. That makes you …

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