The thousand-year-old sesame buttons are unique in Vietnam


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Ever since they were chased by the root treasure, two thousand year old palm trees on the mound turned to their roots and died, only 86 old sesame trees still touched horns in the field.

Go Vap – a sesame population of 86 thousand years

Accidentally, through a friend, we know the unique "monument" in Vietnam, which is a 1,000-year-old population of sesame loci located in the commune of Chuong Xa (Cam Khe District, Phu Tho Province). In 2013, the sesame tree here was recognized as a Vietnamese heritage tree.

One thousand year old sesame buttons are unique in Vietnam - 1

In 2013, the sesame population was recognized as a Vietnamese heritage tree.

In mid-June, summer in the north is as sunny as the fire, we find Chu Xa Xa to discover this sesame population. Following the instructions of the people, crossing the village, we went to the country. Dong Chuong Xa just picked, the beard to make was not plowed; some rice fields are being sown, young people began to sprout green from the ground …

Located in the middle of the field, a hill that stands green in the middle of the four surrounding areas is a field of sunken fields, people call it the mound of mound. This is the name that people call instead of the sesame word on the sesame button. From a distance, the mountain is like a tortoise with enough parts, like the head and the shell.

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The ancient sesame populations on remote Mount Vieng have the shape of turtles.

The site of the floating mound is located next to 4 communes of the district of Cam Khe, Chuong Xa, Tinh Cuong, Van Khuc and Phu Lac. Waiting in the middle of the field, the road to the hill is dirt road, but, at the moment we are present (more than 12 hours), the hill is strangely full.

Dozens of people gathered here, talking and laughing loudly. In the tree, the ground is full of people, some people still have a hammock to sleep, some are burning incense to worship in the temple among the hills. Some number plate cars from Hanoi, outside Quang Ninh.

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In the middle of summer, many people gather on Mount Moi to rest.

Entering Mt. Mong, the first sensation was the fresh air, different from the warmer than the 40 degrees Celsius burning outside. The tall old sesame trees are tall, rough roots running to the ground. There are big trees as a hug.

Strangely, these sesame buds do not grow in one direction, but the tree grows in the north, the tree faces south, the tree rotates east and west. The tree grows straight into the sky, the tree is tilted to the middle of the path, then falls to the ground … Everyone creates a unique population of sesame buds.

The time we found was near the end of the season of the flowers, there was only a small sesame flower falling under the root. According to people, if you arrive earlier than half a month, we will admire a beautiful pile of red sesame belonging to the "unique" category in Vietnam.

"Sesame buds bloom at night, if morning comes to the mountain, the red sky will be red. Flowers fall to the ground like beautiful rugs." It looks like a plate of red rice from afar, "said an enthusiastic resident.

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The atmosphere inside the mound is really cool, so people usually come here to avoid the heat.

Secrets of "gold shop" stolen under the original 2 old palm trees

There are not only old sesame trees, there are two old palm trees in the village, over 1,000 years old. "Two tall palm trees shot, many times I drove to Highway 32 and still see the tops," said Nguyen Van Quy, a local resident.

Thousand year buds are unique in Vietnam - 5

2 old palm trees died and people replanted 2 other palm trees.

Legend has it that there was a pot of gold buried beneath one of the two palm trunks. This gold vial is buried very carefully, so there are times when a person carrying a metal detector does not detect it.

However, about 20 years ago, these two palm trees were plucked and died. According to people, the main cause of death is the loss of "gold deposit" buried under the root.

Talking to us about it, Mr. Pham Minh Hong – Chairman of the People's Committee of the Community Chuong Xa said: "Digging the hole, turn the brush is real, but, it is unknown whether the thug can dig gold or not, dig more or less I do not know, but the story of losing "gold store" continued to be passed down from generation to generation.

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Mr. Nguyen Huu Ngan – Former President of the Chuoi Xa Elderly Association (Cam Khe District, Phu Tho).

After two ancient palm trees died, one local resident contributed and planted two other palm trees in the same position.

In the middle of the hill, an old grave still exists and is believed by the people to be sacred, so no one dared to commit it. Many people from remote provinces come here to burn incense, celebrate on the full moon or on the lunar calendar.


Referring to the tomb within the hill area, people here said there is no record, wonder, ask the village elders. Invite readers to read the second term: Mysterious ancient tomb is located in the population of sesame trees over 1,000 years old at 0:30 on June 23, 2019

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