The strange floating island between the sea of ​​Hoi An continues to "flourish"


April 20, PV People return to the floating island on Hoi An beach after more than two weeks officials from the center to local to search here.

Floating island between the sea of ​​Hoi An

The landmark on the water's edge long ago receded deeply.

According to PV, the speed of the island is very fast, especially in the north and east. The naked eye can see the island "blossoming" more than two weeks ago. At the north end, the sand bar stretches for about 200m. In the east, the sand also "blooms" in tens of meters.

Previously, according to early estimates, the area of ​​this floating sand island was about 15ha, but the area is now larger, not including the sandy beaches hundreds of meters to the east, facing Cu Lao Cham.

Floating island between the sea of ​​Hoi An
Floating island between the sea of ​​Hoi An

The additional sandy stretch lasts approximately 200m from April 5

According to Mr. Nguyen The Hung – vice president of the city of Hoi An, according to the province's leadership, Hoi An City has organized a beach ban to prohibit tourists and people from organizing nightlife and entertainment on this sand island . .

Particularly in addition to the above-mentioned sand island, even on the beach of Cua Dai, the mouth of the Thu Bon river has been in the sea for two years, the storm was created by a typhoon. can also recognize.

Cua Dai landfill is sanding

The hard landfill section also has sand back

In addition, section of 714m hard landfill of Cua Dai beach in recent month is also accumulated. If in the previous years, right on the edge of this landfill, the water is 4-5m deep, now the sand is about to form a beach, as Mr. Nguyen The Hung said "see and see is excited."

Mr. Nguyen O Hung said, this is a very strange phenomenon of Hoi An beach this year.

"With the responsibility of the state administration, we expect all levels of monitoring, monitoring and inspection to help determine the flow mechanism, as well as the cause of the recovery of sand at the mouth of the river, the floating island area, the beach area . Cua Dai beach is heavily collapsed, "said Hung.



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