The secret of secrecy between Klopp and M.U & Liverpool


The secret of the secret between Klopp and M.U & amp; Liverpool

Met Woodward but refused M.U

After the coach dismissed coach David Moyes in April 2014, Klopp took over from Old Trafford. When he feels that Moyes is no longer fit for the responsibility of leading M.U, Red Devils executive vice president Ed Woodward determines that Klopp is the most appropriate face to take on Moyes. A few weeks before firing Moyes, Woodward secretly flew to Germany to persuade Klopp to leave Dortmund for England to take the leadership of M.U.

During this meeting, Woodward found all means to attract Klopp. M.U's executive vice president compared Old Trafford to the "adult version of Disneyland." Woodward also compared Old Trafford with magic as the stock exchanges. Woodward's way of speaking in a slightly controlled voice could not make Klopp fall in love.

Klopp is not returning to M.U is the Vice President of Woodward, to Old Trafford and Disneyland

Klopp is not returning to M.U is the Vice President of Woodward, to Old Trafford and Disneyland

Later, Klopp told a friend who was surprised by Woodward's comparison. And, more importantly, Klopp saw Woodward's bizarre comparison "not sexy." So Klopp did not nod at Woodward's offer. However, Klopp did not shake his head explicitly.

Realizing that Klopp was dragged by M.U, at first CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke tried to stretch. Watzke wants to talk a lot about Klopp's need to respect the contract signed with Dortmund. But then Watzke switched cards, wearing a soft tie. Watzke said that if Klopp decided to go to M.U he would not interfere. Watzke's strategy was quite risky. However, Watzke caught Klopp's affection, relying on both and Klopp's love for Dortmund.

Vice President Woodward

Vice President Woodward

Watzke had a private meeting with Klopp in a friendly environment between the two to beat Klopp's feelings. Once Klopp and Watzke met to talk, they chatted in Watzke's kitchen, again at the Hilton hotel in Munich at 10:00 p.m. (after Watzke left for dinner with his daughter in Munich and around Dortmund as a guest at the Bayern in April 2014). Watzke's cunning conquered Woodward's "flesh." Klopp decided to reject Woodward and M.U's offer because "he did not complete his mission in Dortmund".

After firing Moyes, at M.U, continue inviting Klopp. British bookmakers have ranked Klopp as Moyes' main competitor. But Klopp maintained the same stance with Dortmund. He told The Guardian: "Manchester United are a great team and I love their big fans. But the commitment I give to Borussia Dortmund and Dortmund fans can not be separated.

Liverpool predestined as in the movie

A year after rejecting Woodward and M.U, Klopp's commitment to Dortmund was eventually divided. With the 2014/15 season of Dortmund without brakes, Klopp announced that he was leaving at the end of the season.

The new 2015/16 season started a few weeks ago, Liverpool, under the guidance of coach Brendan Rodgers, failed to achieve satisfactory results. Some people contacted Klopp's representative, Marc Kosicke, promising to lead a relationship with Liverpool. Kosicke patiently awaited direct contact from Liverpool, instead of working with brokers. Kosicke's cell phone was also vibrating. The person on the other side introduced himself to Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre and asked to speak with Kosicke about the future of Klopp via a video call in the Skype application.

Kosicke is very cautious. This time, the guys are very naughty, people spend a lot. Kosicke rushed to Google to look for Ayre's image to make sure that the person who was calling via Skype said he was the CEO of Liverpool before continuing to trade.

The live meeting between the owners of Klopp and Liverpool is scheduled in New York on October 1, 2015. At that time Liverpool, despite being tired of Rodgers, did not announce the decision to shoot. I do not want to "turn off the forest", the Liverpool side asked Klopp to keep the top secret about this meeting.

When he went to the Munich airport to go to the US, Klopp wore a baseball cap so he would not want anyone to recognize him. But he was still recognized by an official of Lufthansa's airline. The clerk asked Klopp, "What did you do at John F. Kennedy airport?" Klopp quickly distributed, "Well, I went to America to attend the NBA basketball tournament." It's really an explanation of "awkward anti-rowing". NBA Tournament in the new season begins after that … 4 weeks.

However, no one had to argue with Klopp. Arriving in Manhattan (New York), Klopp was identified by a receptionist at the Plaza Hotel. Fortunately, the final meeting between Klopp and the New York boss in New York is still absolutely confidential. And most importantly, this meeting was quiet, forming a premise to bring Klopp to the Liverpool coach.

Without Dortmund, he went to England

In an interview with BT Sport in 2014, when asked about his ability to lead the army after he left Dortmund, Klopp said: "I feel that England is the only country that I should move to. If I decide to leave the working environment in Germany. Cause I'm the only country I've known for some time. But I need to know the native language for my work. "

Reject Man City and Tottenham

After rejecting Woodward, Klopp was approached by Man City and Tottenham. And just like M.U, both Man City and Tottenham just shake Klopp's head.

"Common people"

At the first press conference as manager of Liverpool, Klopp identified himself as the Normal. The style of Klopp is different from the coach Jose Mourinho, the military is famous for his simile, he is special when he comes to England.


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