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The reasons why the "young green" idol group should "bow" before the solo stage of "old Kpop" Yunho (DBSK)


In June of this year, K Pop will be hotter than ever idol veteran Yunho (DBSK) – who is often called by fans cheerfully "leader of the party enthusiast "will debut as solo artist.From SM" heard the news of return, people stood still, counting the day K Pop returned to the stage. SM Entertainment, it will officially release an album called "True Colors" on June 12th.

The reasons why the idol

Photo taken from Yunho Solo Album Video (DBSK)

The veteran idol with 16 years of "cultivation" and a series of achievements made his incumbent admire

Yunho was born on February 6, 1986 in Gwangju, South Korea. When he was 13, he became a trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a dance competition. After 4 years of training, Yunho officially debuted in the DBSK group with Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin.

The reasons why the idol

Yunho debuted

So far, Yunho has 16 years of artistic experience, gradually improving his attitude and performance skills. He and his DBSK members released 18 studio albums and a number of singles, including Korean and Japanese, hosted 6 Asia tours. Returning after 3 years of the landmark lawsuit to rescind the slave contract, he and Changmin are still active, retaining the name DBSK.

The reasons why the idol

DBSK with the original 5 member programming

The DBSK spread the Korean wave, establishing many records worthy of the name "Eastern Gods". For all K Pop fans, the DBSK is a monument that no one can deny, and Yunho is the one who contributes to the group's name.

In Korea, not every group has the ability to "demolish" the Olympic Stadium (Jamsil), while it is the familiar "home" of the DBSK. The first group to hold a show at Tokyo Dome in Japan is none other than SM's "puppy", winning the Oricon chart is also a surname.

The reasons why the idol

Whether with 2 or 5 members, DBSK opened the doors to K Pop's Asia, in which Yunho's "direction" contributed a lot.

The DBSK is also known for its strong fan base, Cassiopeia (DBSK fandom), setting a Guinness record of 800,000 members. And there were more than 1 million people participating in the boys world tour, which only three groups can do now is DBSK, Big Bang and BTS.

DBSK pocketed countless Daesang that many people dream of, honored in many international awards ceremonies. The profit from group activities is also "not average." According to the financial report, only from 2013 to the first half of 2018, the income of the DBSK is about 2 billion dollars, enough years to make "big man" YG and JYP have to "smoke smoke." With just 2 members, the DBSK is also able to outperform the two Big 3 reps.

The reasons for the idol group

With only 2 members, the DBSK still "weighs" the representatives of YG and JYP

With the leader's responsibility, Yunho is important to the success of DBSK. He is also a senior that the following generations of idols must respect and admire. Some of the idols of Yunho's "party in love" list like Chanyeol (EXO), Woo Hyun (Infinity), Kwanghee (ZE: A), ..

The reasons for the idol group

Yunho is the idol of idols

But it took 16 years for fans to see their idols in a solo stage. Before that, Yunho released some songs like "Drop", "Honey Funny Bunny", "Checkmate" … but not an official album.

(SM Station) MV "Drop" – Yunho (DBSK)

Multifaceted musical talent

Yunho is referred to as the "king of dance" with powerful but equally dance moves, especially in the piece of break dance and poping. In 2010, he was the only Asian representative selected to perform at the Michael Jackson memorial concert. In addition, Yunho is also the rapper and lead singer of DBSK, with a strong and deep voice.

The reasons why the idol

Yunho at a Michael Jackson show 9 years ago

In addition, he can compose music and write rap. Yunho is responsible for writing lyrics, writing songs and playing "Spokesmam" with Dong Hae (Super Junior). The lyrics in songs like "Wrong Number", "Love Bye love" are also composed by Yunho himself, … The next solo album will be an opportunity for him to fully express his talent, vowing to blow up the ability of the 16-year-old idol.

The reasons why the idol

"True Colors" will be a Yunho-style album

There are many who believe that K Pop's second generation idol is dying because of the scandalous scandal. Recently, Seungri's sexual scandal and tax evasion brought many names that used to be the spring of the 8x and 9x generations to work as Choi Jonghoon (FTIsland), Jonghyun (CNBLUE), …

Showbiz is stuck, but Yunho has proven to be "close to paint, but not black," with a clean, good personality. Instead of processing the antifan every poisoning that nearly lost his life in 2006, he chose forgiveness and tolerance. Yunho also worked hard to volunteer in charity activities in silence.

The reasons why the idol

Yunho is an example to many idols because of the enthusiasm in his work and clean lifestyle

Now with his next solo album, his comeback not only shows the ability of a "wall" idol, but also brings confidence to K Pop fans that gene 2 is not completely crumbled. K Pop is saturated with the emergence of new groups and the trend of "solo people, solo houses", but for the above reasons, it can be said that the re-launch of Yunho (DBSK) is definitely very desirable. wait.

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