Friday , October 22 2021

The mother tattooed, grabbed the collar and the small child hung in the hand


The baby was very young, only a few months old, but was carried by a mother hanging in her hand with a dark face that left the community heartless.

Recently in the social network sharing a photo of a woman in a house clothes standing at the door of the room with a somber face. Many people believe that this "milk mother" seems to be arguing with someone.

However, the image that left the online community scared was in the hands of the woman still holding the collar of a newborn baby, carrying it upside down.

Looking at the baby who is closing the diaper, the tiny body, probably only a few months old, plays with the mother's hand that leaves many people panicking …

Rich members of the northern youth, a mother tattooed in Bac Ninh, grabbed the collar and turned a newborn baby hanging like a bag of meat in hand-1.
The newborn baby is carried by the mother

After that image was posted on social networks, it attracted the attention of netizens, especially women. Many people are shocked to see the baby being abused by her mother, carrying her upside down.

Some people also expressed criticism of the young mother's cruel actions and said that no matter what frustration she should sit and talk calmly and not take the children to abuse, vent their anger.

Rich members of northern youth, a mother tattooed in Bac Ninh, grabbed the collar and held a newborn baby hanging like a bag of meat in hand.
Many people suffer when they see babies being abused

According to information posted on social networks, the woman was the biological mother of her baby, who now lives in Bac Ninh.

Some netizens also revealed that, because of their quarrel with their husbands, this wife did. One member of the closed group said the woman's husband was suspected of being evicted, went home to beat and torture his wife so she could not bear it, so she resisted.

However, there are also people who said that because this mother suffered from postpartum depression, when she was agitated, she could not control her behavior.

"Looking at me is too young to seem so real, my baby is holding on a little bit, but only a little wheezing is worrying about the fever.looking at the baby being taken back by the mother, miserably.Maybe the mother this is depressing , so should I treat my son like this? "

"Depression is becoming a different person, they themselves do not know what they are doing." The family must find a way for this mother to go through depression. that your baby is safe and healthy, " Diaper milk commentary of many mothers.

According to Vietnamnet

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