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The most exotic jack of Vietnam, thousands of people migrate to Ben Tre


Give up 10 billion to buy a spread: How to blow up the price of the people?

Last week, it is said that public opinion about a Thai giant Binh spent 10 billion just to "catch" an orchid. Many people believe that buyers are quite risky by giving up 10 billion dollars. Buy this orchid by mutations do not spike Lan in particular and orchids are generally extremely sensitive to climate and habitat. The climate and living environment in the north are completely different from the southern climate. So when you go to the new owner, does the orchid bloom or not? And when blooming, does the flower face look like it was in Binh Dương?

The most exotic jack of Vietnam, thousands of people gather in Ben Tre to see - 1
The most exotic jackfruit in Vietnam, thousands of people gather to see Ben Tre - 2

Orchids are bought for 10 billion VND and the flowers are advertised as rare. Photo: Dan Tri

In addition, many people also expressed doubts about the authenticity of this transaction. They believe that the transfer of "Beauty of Binh Duong" is just a game to increase the price of sudden dissemination for profit.

In fact, recently, the movement of spread suddenly increased, so the price of this orchid also rose. Initially, a few million, then a few hundred million, then a billion and now tens of billions.

& Quot; Specific & quot; forge breast milk, unique form "dragon" in the West

Mr. Nguyen Van Nhien (commune of Tan Thieng, Cho Lach, Ben Tre) owns an old forged breast milk factory, the only way for a & # 39; dragon & # 39; in the West. More than 10 years ago, during a quest to buy apricot blossom, Mr. Nhien discovered that the forged breast milk tree had a strange shape, so he asked to buy.

When he brought it back, he corrected the tree to lie down, knelt, then shaped the tree. Mr. Nhien periodically created scabrous scales, terrestrial reptiles, … very similar to the "dragon" form. Underneath, there are roots that look like feet, the roots are meticulously shaped like the nails.

He said he will sell this breast milk to those who are passionate about ornamental bonsai, with a selling price of 300 million VND.

He shivered with a 2m snake piece as Ly Son

On the way to the Cau cave, the serpent platform on the farm shore of Mr. Nguyen Van Thong (65 years, An Hai community) leaves many tourists curious, because the melon fruit has the shape and color as a snake.

The most exotic jack of Vietnam, thousands of people gather in Ben Tre - 3

The snake bandage is strange and strange in Mr. Thong's family garden.

Mr. Thong said, this is a variety of melon of Japanese origin. Short fruits are 0.7 m long and fruits up to 2 m in length, each fruit weighs 7 to 8 slices.

Unlike native melon varieties, snake melon is mainly used to eat raw, make salad.

Famous Strange Jacket Ben Tre

At the delicious fruit competition in Ben Tre Province in 2018, many visitors enjoyed and surprised when they witnessed firsthand the product of a bunch of jaca 23 left and right, each weighing 2 to 2.2 kg smells a very special aroma.

The most exotic jack of Vietnam, thousands of people gather in Ben Tre - 4

"Poisonous and strange Jaca" of Mr. Xoi's family.

The owner of this jacking is Mr. Nguyen Van Xuoi (Ba Xuoi, commune of Phu Phung, district of Cho Lach). Mr. Xoi said: "This is a native jackfruit called To Tan. This jackfruit was donated by a friend for 25 years. Jaca is fruit all year round, the taste is very strange, the fruit is large, the meat is very good, the seed is very beautiful and the turmeric is very beautiful.After the planting, I did not apply inorganic or organic fertilizers.Each year the tree gives 200-300 fruits. "

Mr. Xoi added that this type of jackfruit, from the flowering season to the mature trees, is 100 days, regardless of sunny weather and rainfall. The fruit is close to each other, the aroma is far away.

The strange story Capital, wild vegetables grow wild people bring to replace rice

Squeeze is a plant that grows wild in fields and fields. For a long time, the Vietnamese used pineapples to make vegetables in a meager meal. Nowadays, many people consider the squeeze interval a plant specialty.

The most exotic jack of Vietnam, thousands of people gather in Ben Tre - 5

Baked vegetables with wild growth had naturally brought home to grow in the garden.

For people in the commune of Ha Bang in the district of Thach That (Hanoi), pineapple vegetables are recognized as a common vegetable used in daily meals.

Therefore, many people with large gardens have changed to plant pineapples to eat daily or make gifts to the people of the city.

Growing large vegetables is vaguely moist, hard to believe, but true

Using baby diapers to grow vegetables, the idea seems "crazy," but by witnessing the "divine" growth of vegetables, many people will be extremely surprised by its use.

The most exotic jack of Vietnam, thousands of people gather in Ben Tre - 6

In fact, the use of diapers for growing vegetables has been applied in many countries around the world. Diapers help maintain water and nutrients for the plant during growth and development by its water-absorbing properties.

Currently in Vietnam, many people are willing to spend tens of millions of VND to build clean vegetable models in in-band homes. Therefore, the creation of "superproducts" for growing vegetables helps plants to grow quickly and quickly to ensure that hygiene and food safety are extremely necessary.

Strange: American apples 40,000 VND / kg flooded Saigon market

Fresh American apples advertised with crunchy pastries, but only 40,000 VND / kg are sold in cars pushing the flooded Saigon market. The seller confirmed that US apples are 100% imported.

The most exotic jackknife in Vietnam, thousands of people gather to see Ben Tre - 7

Sellers said that as American apples are in the "winning season, price falls" should be sold at low prices so people can enjoy. Photo: TPO.

This American apple has an oval shape, red – yellow, not red like American apples sold in supermarkets. The little blue seal on the outside has the words "Product of Poland – ROYAL GALA # 4174". Hard apples, shake hands. Try to bite it, but it is sweet, but mixed with sour. A person who used to buy this apple said that the apples throughout the month did not break, still eating sweet and crunchy.

Small businesses claim that this is Chinese apples, sold only on sidewalk carts, but the stationary cabin does not accept this item. Usually fruits imported from the US have stamps available when shipped to Vietnam and have additional bar codes for traceability. Chinese fruit, when imported by Vietnam, usually does not have a bar code. But the most unstable is that each importing company adheres to its own stamp, so it is difficult to distinguish real stamps from fake stamps.

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