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Almost 1 month ago, because of Quyen Chien (13 years) was a mountain boy Chieng Yen, Van Ho, Son La alone pedaled nearly 100 km to Hanoi to visit his brother. Chien is an emotionally rich and loving child, so even though he does not know where Hanoi is, how big it is, it still goes by and passes almost 15 passes large and small.

Chien is the first son of Mr. Do Van Nam and Mrs. Ha Thi Sam. After the war, his younger sister For Khanh Nhu (7 years) and For Van Luc (2 months). Admission of baby force to the National Pediatric Hospital in 2 days of birth, 1 month of preterm birth, hepatitis due to metabolic disorders, pneumonia, cholestatic jaundice, malnutrition level, not very positive situation.

Since my parents took me to Hanoi, Chien knew about my situation. Sometimes the mother still calls. Chien has never been to Hanoi, just know that Mr. Luc is being raised there.

At noon on March 25, returning to school, I overheard the conversation between my grandfather and my mother. Severe disease, the disease has gone bad. Sam asks the family to prepare a small dress, buy a boiled egg, prepare to burn incense to the Force. Chien has never seen the face of his brother since the day Luc was born, he was hospitalized. Since then, Chien had been waiting, determined to meet Luc.

"I'm afraid of my younger brother, so I want to go to Hanoi. I do not know where Hanoi is, but I miss him so much, no two brothers can see each other's faces." Chien put the bag on the table and asked his grandfather 10,000 to pretend he was going to the gift shop, but in fact he crossed the Ban Beo road, sneaking out onto Highway 6, heading straight for Hanoi.

War on a circuit without rest, not tired, not hungry. 5 hours passed, going through 15 large and small passes, the exhausting war in Hoa Binh. Without knowing the road, the boy chose to follow the great road, but he did not know which part to ask. Swollen legs, two torn sandals. Every time he leans over or goes down a winding road, he has to use his legs to brake "reluctantly", the scent of sandals "dug" plastic goes up. Which part is difficult to go, Chien picks up the coach.

"I'm afraid of the danger, but I think I'll be afraid when I think about my brother, I go right, I keep the road, I look first and then I look. There's a part where I'm too tired to faint, a car. that I had suffered an accident, they went down to ask for my phone number, they called my father, and if I did not see the car, I planned to continue and not think about it … "- Chien said.

The Last Reunion of the Brothers - Strength - Photo 1Sam started crying to share his family's situation and health situation.

The last meeting of the brothers of the War Force - photo 2Sam started crying to share his family's situation and health situation.

After almost 4 months of treatment, the strength situation changed a lot, the body stopped growing, the family asked permission to take the baby to the field. At 18:00 on April 20, the little car was prepared to take Mr. Nam, Sam and the baby Luc home, Chien did not know that.

"He was so tired, his lean body could not contain himself to stay with people any longer. We tried to make sure that the last thing we could do was arrange the car so I could go home to Son La. Mr. Quyet Chien and see my house for the first time and also my last time "- Mr. Dang Nhu Quynh – who called to help his family situation Because of Van Luc, confirmed with us

Around 08:55 PM the same day, the bus was present in Chieng Yen, so the Chien brothers could see each other for the last time. 10 minutes later, the doctor removed the oxygen tube, Luc breathed his last breath after watching the adorable little house, met his grandparents, saw Mr. Quyet Chien, Khanh Nhu. Mr. Nam's last wish, Sam, was considered to have been completed, but the little son, who had a grace, came to them, but in the end, he did not have a destiny.

Remembering the first night of my life to see my brother, Chien screamed loudly and sobbed. Chien once waited for Luc to fight against illness so he could go home soon. "After being healthy, let's graze and kick the ball. I'll bake the rice for you to eat and go to school with me," Chien said once.

The Last Reunion of the Brothers - Strength - Photo 3Mr. Nam hugged baby Luc for the last journey home.

So there's no healthy kid to grow up with a war cow.

With war, force is more important than important, because I am unique to war. And because everything has a beginning and an end, only our brothers are always together. Gathering is enough. The fate of short duration only allowed Force a time background that was very finite, but long enough to encompass stories of love and kindness.

After all, we do not have the right to blame the war for its silly actions. This second meeting, also the last time in the life of two children, can see each other's faces, embrace one another, before the positive and the negative become too isolated.

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