The house gas intoxication CO when burning coal, 1 dead, 3 emergency


On the night of Nov. 26, news from the General Hospital of the City of Vinh (Nghe An) said, the unit is rescued 3 people in a family of poisoning by coal.

Thus, around 7:30 p.m. on November 25, the hospital received 4 people including: Mrs. VTT (70 years old), Mr. NCT (75 years old, husband of Mrs. T.), NTTN (35 years old, daughter of Mrs. Neonatal baby (N. baby) with shortness of breath, chest pain, drowsiness, lack of response, conscious disturbance, CO poisoning.

The gas house poisoning CO when burning coal, 1 dead, 3 emergency - Photo 1.

Mr. T. was found dead before admission. The hospital quickly gave patients oxygen at high pressure, the infusion helps the victims to stabilize their health and moved to the upper level to continue the treatment.

Through the exploitation of diseases of relatives of the victims are known, due to newborn N., it is cold for the family to have to burn coal in the house to warm up.

Dr. Ngo Nam Hai, Department of Complementarity and Anti-Poisoning, Vinh General Hospital recommends on cold days, people should be especially careful with the heating equipment by charcoal, coal Charcoal combustion in the absence of air creates a extremely toxic gas, carbon monoxide (CO).

"This is a colorless, odorless, flammable and highly poisonous gas, and when the victim inhales the gas, it is fatal and mild, leaving a neurological deficit," Dr. Hai said. tell


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