The Filipino team had a bad history in the semifinals of the AFF Cup


The Philippines have a poor record in the AFF Cup semifinals as a losing team.

The Filipino team had a bad history in the semifinals of the AFF Cup

With Thailand teleporting to Singapore in the final round of Group B, the Philippines officially went 0-0 with Indonesia.

Professor Goran Eriksson's opponent in the next semifinal will be Vietnam coach at Park Hang Seo. This is a fairly balanced game when each team has different strengths and limitations.

The Philippines (to the trang) brought the first match to train Eriksson. England: Fox Sports Asia.
Philippines (white shirt) holds a record in the semifinals of the AFF Cup

However, the Philippines are a troubling class in the AFF Cup semifinals, as the team was defeated and never reached the final of the tournament.

The Philippines won the AFF Cup semi-finals for the first time in 2010. And in this tournament, "The Azkals" would not be surprised to have lost to Indonesia in first and second leg matches. number 0-1

After the tournament is considered successful, with the team also many good players, the Philippines continued to win tickets to the AFF Cup semifinals in 2012 against Singapore.

In the first game at Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, the Philippines left Singapore 0-0. However, in the return match, the "wild dogs" left the island's lion team defeated with a modest score of 1 to 0 , thus blowing the pass to the final for the opponent.

The last time the Philippines reached the semifinals of the AFF Cup was in the 2014 tournament. They excelled in holding the Thai champion 0-0 at home in the first match but lost the match. in the return match at Rajamangala, who missed the final round of Thailand 0-3 after two rounds.


As such, Filipino football is losing until the AFF Cup semi-finals. Not only that, in all three times for the semifinals, "The Azkals" did not have an honorable goal in the knock-out of the regional tournament.

Although football is not comparable or bridged but with such weak performance, it is likely that the Philippines will continue to fall when faced with Vietnam football in the 2018 AFF Cup semi-finals.

The two-legged match will take place on December 2 at the Panaad stadium in Bacolod. The 4-day round will be held in My Dinh. This year, with the guidance of a veteran coach as coach Eriksson, the Philippines are considered a very formidable team that Hang Hang Seo teacher will have to play very carefully in the next 180 minutes.

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