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On the morning of April 21, Mr. Khuc Van L. (42 years old, living in the Mo Da region, Quang Lang commune, Chi Lang district) said that the Chi Lang District People's Court accepted the divorce petition between him and his wife. Ms. Nguyen Thi T (Head of the Secondary Elementary School in the commune of Lam Son, Chi Lang district).

Previously, mr. L. took his "naked" wife with Hoang Van Q (a teacher at Mo Da Elementary School, Quang Lang commune, Chi Lang district) at a motel in Lang Son City.

The incident attracted public attention when Mr. Q said that "he himself has malaria, he should let Mrs. T embrace for treatment."

Mr L made a request to report the incident to the authorities. When he did not receive satisfactory feedback, he released two picture clips of Mrs. T and Mr. Q, lying on the hotel bed.

L added that he discovered that his wife had a bad relationship with a male colleague about two years ago and that he knew the "intimate" message of his wife. In late 2018, he witnessed his wife at Mr. Q's house with intimate gestures. After that, his wife apologized and promised to discontinue contact with Mr. Q, but after that, Mrs. T was still "accustomed to the old horse", forcing him to file a divorce petition with his wife.

"After a month of filing, the Chi Lang District Court just invited me to Mrs. T to the office to reconcile, but failed. We all agreed to get a divorce. However, Mrs. T required raising the two children and I had to give her 500 million dollars to leave home. I did not agree on this point, so the nominating court will give the case a month to trial, "said L.

Currently, Mr. and Mrs. L and Mrs. T are still in the same house. Two people eat separately. Her children are all mentally stable, but the 10th-grade granddaughter appears to have a psychological disorder after the fact that her mother has illicit relationships with other people makes a public conversation.

Nguyen Duy Chien


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