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The boy went to 9th grade to create a free library for upland inhabitants


This library is called Nang Mai, founded by Mr. Nguyen Ba Nha and his wife Mai Thi Huy in April 2019. What is special about this library is that anyone can come here to read books, borrow books and pay nothing.

Boys go to 9th grade to create a free library for mountain people - 1

Anh Nha was given a book for the Sunny Mai Library by readers

So far, the free library of Mr. Nguyen Ba Nha and his wife is the first private library in the Son Hoa district and the second in the province of Phu Yen, after the private library of the family of the Vietnamese heroic mother Duong Thi Rau in the ward. Phu Dong, TP. Tuy Hoa was created to serve free readers, with the desire to provide knowledge and improve the reading culture in the community.

From boys to 9th grade … to the library for free.

Sunny Mai Library is located in the space of the house of Nha Nha, covering an area of ​​about 30m2. Although the area is quite small, it is still decorated very clearly and neatly.

So far, after many years of self-accumulation of Nha Nha and mobilization of friends, relatives, sponsors … the library has about 2,000 books of all kinds, such as foreign literature books and Vietnamese literature. cultural sciences, historical, intellectual, children's books, comics …

Boys go to 9th grade to create a free library for the mountaineers - 2

Mr. Nguyen Ba Nha (right) organizes books on the shelf

This library is a dream that Nha cherished for many years and underwent a process of accumulation and mobilization … consuming labor and strength, but until now that dream has finally come true. "Since then, books in the library will help many generations in this mountain community to have more knowledge … so much so how much fatigue will disappear," says Nha.

Sharing more of my life, Nha said, "In the past, my family was very difficult, so when I went to 9th grade, I had to drop out of school to earn money for my life. In 2007, I got married in the commune of Son Nguyen, Son Hoa district, because I was young, so I was encouraged to participate in cultural activities of villages and communes, but as my diploma was still weak, I was a bit shy.

Encouraged by my wife, I decided to attend a supplementary high school class at the Son Hoa District Continuing Education Center (2013-2016) and I graduated. The more I learn, the more I love the word, so I decided to go to university, the result is September 2016, I was admitted to the University of the Pacific (Nha Trang City – Khanh Hoa). " again.

Sharing about the dream of building a free library for the people in the highlands, Nha said: "From a farmer, muddy legs like I could step on the gates of the university are all thanks to books, years. I buy and read many books.

After many years, the number of books I have is almost 100. Looking at these great books, I naturally want to create a free library to bring the knowledge of the books to the people of the highlands. I brought this idea to my teachers at the Pacific School and my friends all supported this idea very much and started giving me books … after 3 years the number of books I received was over 1,000.

Seeing this number of books can open enough libraries, I discussed with my wife to build a 30m2 room in the family land to display books. Fortunately, on the day of the launch of his library, the representative of the Phu Yen Provincial Library supported 2 bookshelves and 100 books worth nearly 4.5 million VND, Don Linh donor in Phu Hoa District donated 700 volumes of children's books, branch CTC Phu Yen Bookstore Gia Lai donated nearly 100 titles …, helping to increase the total number of books in the Sunny Mai library to about 2,000 books.

"In the future I want to, the library will receive more books to make the books more diverse," Nha said enthusiastically.

Many Benefits of Sunny Mai's Library

Thanks to the convenience of the library, from the opening day, there are always 40 to 50 readers who come to this library, mainly students and pensioners.

Sharing about this library, Nguyen Tam Minh Thu, Son Nguyen commune, Son Hoa district, Phu Yen province, said: "After school, I often come here to read books, I find the books here quite diverse, options, such as the need for additional knowledge for the subject, can read the types of textbooks, reference, and if you think you need to relax, then we choose comics.

Boys go to 9th grade to create a free library for people from the mountains - 3

Many students went to the Nang Mai Library to learn and relax with many comic books.

The advantage of this library is that we can read books, lend books for free so that my friends and I have access to more … ", said Thu.

Boys go to 9th grade to create a free library for the mountaineers - 4

A retiree came to the Nang Mai library to find good books

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan, in the village of Nguyen Cam, Son Nguyen commune, said cheerfully: "Since collecting and collecting books from home, I have often seen them and found them very useful. Now I officially put the library in operation, people do not have to pay fees, but can read on the spot or borrow from home from 1 to 5 books. All kinds of law books or information about science and technology, entertainment and entertainment are available.

Mr Nguyen Thien Tinh, Head of the Information and Culture Department of Son Hoa District, Phu Yen Province, said: In the mountainous area of ​​Son Hoa district, only about 30% of people can afford books.

This is a huge distance from other provinces of Phu Yen province. So having a library of Sunny Mai activity is very significant. This helps students and students access more sources of knowledge ….

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