The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi


The spiritual tourist complex is built immensely on forest lands in the commune of Yen Trung (Thach That district, Hanoi). All these populations are awaiting approval.


The project of the Thac Bac – Suoi Sao tourist area, with hundreds of hectares, is located in the commune of Yen Trung.

The project was initially licensed in 2002, when it was not separated from Hoa Binh province, invested by the KOVA joint venture company. The scale of stage 1 is 59.2 ha. The project has been completed and commissioned and uses phase 1 as of June 2007.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
The sign indicates the name of the tourist area on the main road in the commune of Yen Trung

In 2008, KOVA reported and recorded the expansion of the project with an additional scale of about 200 hectares.

On July 1, 2008, the Hoa Binh Provincial People's Committee decided to approve the detailed planning task on the 1/500 scale of the Suoi Sao Waterfall Resort project, with a total area of ​​233 ha in two communes of Yen Trung and Yen Binh . .

However, implementing the policy of adjusting the administrative boundaries of the city of Hanoi and some related provinces, the projects after the merger with the Capital will have to stop implementation to ensure compliance with the Construction Plan. General, Hoa Lac general urban planning and other relevant specialized plans.

On March 21, 2017, the Hanoi City People Committee decided to approve the investment policy of Suoi San Waterfall project in the communes of Yen Trung and Yen Binh in the district of Thach That.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
Overview of the tourist area built on forest land

The scale of the tourist area is about 233 hectares, of which 59.2 hectares of land have been completed and put into use since 2007, basically remain unchanged, only adjust and adjust locally to ensure harmony with the surrounding landscape. infrastructure coupling; 25.9 ha of land for resort hotel construction, eco-rest low-rise houses …; 147.9 ha of afforestation land to explore the forest environment for ecotourism.

On May 19, 2018, Thach That District People's Committee coordinated with the KOVA Company to organize a conference to gather views of agencies, organizations and representatives of the population community for detailed planning tasks at the rate of 1/500 projects.

The main objective of this project is to conserve forests, nature, develop ecotourism, regional socioeconomic development and the Thach That district.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
Many construction items were not licensed, investors built massively

While awaiting approval, the owner hastily constructed many works on forest land. The image recorded above shows that the area of ​​hundreds of acres is being divided into many areas, building many solid buildings.

Many massive construction works are being completed in the rough construction phase when construction is suspended; the hills were cut to the construction site … Many items from Stage 1 were demolished to replace the new items.

It is easy to see that it is a complex of spiritual temples and pagodas built on a large scale, and so on. If there is no sign "The Silver Waterfall – Suoi Sao" at the entrance, it is easy to confuse this with a true spiritual area.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
The spiritual work on the surface is being perfected

According to the local population, before this project was built, there were no ancient temples and monuments. All the temples and spiritualities mentioned above are completely built by the investor.

As the illegal construction is reflected by the people, the tourist area of ​​Thac Bac – Suoi Sao is closed to explore, improve security and protection work.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
Solid construction is on forest land

Request to maintain the status quo

At the end of 2016, the People's Committee of Hanoi issued a statement to convey the findings of the leaders of the People's Committee of the City on the investment policy in the Thac Bac-Suoi Sao resort project. People's Committee of the city agreed on policy for KOVA tourism corporation to invest in stage 2.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
Great lake in Thac Bac – tourist area of ​​Suoi Sao

Method of implementation, investors receive the transfer of use rights in accordance with the Land Law and conduct procedures for land allocation and land lease, in accordance with current regulations of the law and the city. The remaining area (about 147.9ha) remains the purpose of using forest land, not building works; families continue to manage and use.

Investors agree with families and individuals who are managing the use of forests and forest land to exploit the forest environment for ecotourism, without implementing procedures for land reclamation and land lease; This land area is not within the scope of land for project implementation.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
Forest protection sea alert

In order to have a basis for consideration, the Municipal Committee of the Planning and Investment Department is responsible for coordinating with relevant departments and agencies and KOVA Company to synthesize all the work that investors have done, the legal basis to continue done.

At the same time, review the scope of land borders to implement the project to ensure a stable forest area managed and used by ethnic minority families; clearly report the content during the project research process.

The area of ​​spiritual tourism is immense in the land of Thach That forest, Hanoi
Owner challenges regulations, massively building illegal works

Chairman of Yen Trung commune: Completed

The chairman of the Yen Trung commune, Dinh Cong Tuan, confirmed that the investor in the tourist resort Thac Bac – Suoi Sao has built a solid and illegal construction in forest areas.

Regarding Thach's results, which the interdisciplinary union handles the wrong job, Mr. Tuan briefly said: "It has been resolved."

The head of the District People's Committee cabinet, Nguyen Minh Hong, said that "training is very intense" when VietNamNet contacted to set a timeline.

Kien Trung – Doan Bong

The magnificent villa grows in protective Soc Son forest land "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Magnificent mansion grows in protective forest land Soc son

Tens of thousands of square meters of protective forest areas in Soc Son district (Hanoi) were erected to build homes and resorts.


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