Terrible tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline using Ron 95 were trapped "hot" in Bac Giang!


Specifically, on 9/28/2018, the anti-smuggling market management team – Bac Giang Market Management Department (currently the Market Management Team No. 3) in coordination with the Secretariat of Economic Security – Department of Police. Bac Giang's Department of Science and Technology inspects Ngoc Toc gas station of private company Ngoc Tuan, located in Cau Hamlet, Tu Lan commune, Viet Yen district.

The inspection team took RON95 gasoline samples at the gas station for testing by the rapid analysis of the Department of Science and Technology of Bac Giang Province, the results showed: RON95 octane gasoline of 91.5 is not suitable for the gasoline specified in QCVN 1: 2015 / BKHCN.

On 10/01/2018, Technical Center 1 – General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality determines that the octane number of gasoline RON95 at the Ngoc Tac gas station is 89.2.

Nguyen Ngoc Tac – Director of Private Enterprise Ngoc Trac said: On 9/28/2018, I imported 4,345 liters of gasoline RON95 from Cong Minh Trade Co., Ltd by car cars CC 98C-06584, The driver was Tran Van Khoa, I and the driver made the samples, we gave samples and checked the stamps of the goods at 9:00 on 9/28/2018. All gas imported from Cong Minh Trading Co., Ltd is dumped into the company's tank.

Before filling the tank, 3,429 liters of RON95 gasoline were added to the tank. Of which 2135 liters of RON95 are imported by Cong Minh Trading Co., Ltd, with complete invoices and accompanying documents and 1,344 liters of low quality RON95 gasoline, as announced by the inspection team that bought floating on the market.

It is known that the authorities of Bac Giang province after the work and collection of records identified Ngoc Toc gas station sold 7,824 liters of poor quality RON95 gasoline and trade in goods of unknown origin origin.

On the same day, 8/8/2018, the team checked the Chau Minh 2 gas station belonging to the private company Chau Minh, located in Ngo Xa village, Chau Minh district, Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province. .

During the inspection process, the inspection team collected samples of the RON 95 gasoline in the company to inspect by the rapid analysis of the Department of Science and Technology of Bac Giang Province.

The results showed that the octane number of 95 RON of gasoline in the project was 91.4. This octane rating is not suitable for grade 2,3,4 unleaded gasoline as specified in QCVN 1: 2015 / BKHCN.

After receiving inspection results on 10/3/2018, the inspection team reported the results of the inspection with the Chau Minh Petroleum Company and at the same time contracted specialized means of extracting gasoline in the Chau Minh Reservoir to determine The actual volume of custody and transportation to Quang Huy's oil and gas stores for rent to oversee and preserve the quality of gasoline. At the time of aspiration and identification in the reservoir of the Quang Huy gas station is 9,800 liters.

The company sells 95 gasoline, of poor quality.

The company sells 95 gasoline, of poor quality.

All this gas is then identified as low quality gasoline.

Of note, both violations are the distribution channels of Cong Minh Trading Limited Company. However, according to information presented to the Chairman of the Bac Giang People Committee of the Bac Giang Market Administration Department, the inspection team checked and worked with Cong Minh Trade Company Limited. , representative of the chief accountant.

"During the verification process and working with representatives of Cong Minh Trade Co., the company's entire Ron95 gasoline sold to private companies Ngoc Toc with full documents, invoices, gas quality Ron 95 meets quality standards under the terms of the signed contract two parts, "the document of the Market Management Department of Bac Giang Province.

The agency also argues that Cong Minh Co Ltd is not responsible for the poor quality of the Ron95 gasoline maintained by the authorities.

Likewise, Petro Petrol Company of Bac Giang's Market Management Department also reported that the company had to take full responsibility while Cong Minh Trade Co., Ltd had enough gas. documents, invoices, vouchers …

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