Switzerland and the most spectacular omen of the League of Nations


Switzerland & amp; the most spectacular offseason League of Nations

Collective force

At a time when Iceland lost their certainty, they played the bad formation in Group 2 League. So the defeat of Iceland by 0 to 6 to Switzerland on the day of the League of Nations only causes Suddenly a little.

Everyone does not think Switzerland is so strong, Iceland simply weakened too much. Thus, when Belgium beat Switzerland 2-1, before a 3-0 win over Iceland, the order's specialists were repeated.

Until the last game, Belgium was the only team to win and, of course, led the table. Switzerland's task is to "only" beat Belgium 1-0 and move on.

But until day 17, Switzerland's task was to score … four goals, as the visitors took the lead to 2-0 thanks to the double Thry Hazard. Placing 4 goals on the net just to concede a goal after the last three games has been extremely difficult, this is a rival to a higher level and takes advantage of so many advantages.

Switzerland is a very unpredictable team

Switzerland is a very unpredictable team

And the rest of the game is the most accurate counter-attack to determine: League of Nations is boring. In the remaining 70 minutes, Switzerland not only scored four but five goals to make one of the most promising championships in the country's history.

Belgium broke down when it collapsed, unlike the power of the Storm House team. The Swiss way of playing makes the audience can not help looking different. They quietly unfolded, imposed the posture and the cold ending. The gameplay of Switzerland is simple, but it creates the resonance of 11 people who share the will.

Thus, Switzerland suddenly came to the League of Nations competition to compete with giants like Portugal, England and France / Holland. By then, they had scored the most goals in League A with 14 goals, with the highest number of goals scored against nine.

Haris Seferovic

Switzerland has shown that a whole group of individuals can sublimate themselves by building a good game. However, in that same glorious image, Seferovic is still emerging as a different color.

Before this tournament, nobody paid attention to the name Seferovic. Born in 1992, he was a member of the European Football League, Grasshopper, Fiorentina, Real Sociedad, Eintracht Frankfurt and now Benfica. A career, an attacker like Seferovic scored 46 goals in the league after more than 10 years of competition. He has never scored more than 10 goals per season. A very trivial number.

Seferovic always had luck in the Swiss shirt

Seferovic always had luck in the Swiss shirt

But this mundane shell gives Seferovic an edge. The 26-year-old has scored in three of the four League of Nations matches. In particular, certainly the hat-trick contributed to create a spectacular scenario against Belgium.

Currently, Seferovic along with Aleksandar Mitrović (Serbia), Stanislaw Drahun (Belarus) and Yura Movsisyan (Armenia) lead the League of Nations scorer with 5 goals. In contrast to his club career, Seferovic was extremely passionate about the team when he scored 17 goals in 59 games.

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