Suspected husband stabbed his wife and killed himself Safety order


On the night of 4 to 4, the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department units are still cooperating with the Binh Tan district police to investigate and clarify the murder in the area.

Initial information, at noon the same day, people heard the shouting at the inn at 730 alley, Huong Lo 2 street (Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District) should work. Arriving, people discovered Mrs. Le Thuc Nghi (44) and her husband Nguyen Van Hoang (49) lying on the floor.

Suspected husband stabbed his wife and killed himself - photo 1
The field is still being blocked by functional forces to serve the exam. Photo of HT.

Upon verifying, people discovered that Ms. Nghi had died, and Mr. Huang was injured in a critically injured chest, so he was taken to an emergency hospital.

Functional forces are then present at the scene, investigating and clarifying the case. Initially the cause was determined by Mr. Hoang stabbing his wife and committing suicide.


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