Supervision team consultant for granting super projects at Sam Son


Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh instructed the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa Province to review and draw on experiences from organizations and individuals who advise and direct planning and construction licensing in the period of preparation, evaluation and approval. 1/500 ecological urban area project, convalescence, high level recreation and maritime tourism Sam Son.

Government leaders also guided the agency to overcome and adjust the shortcomings in the elaboration of detailed project planning in accordance with land use planning in the locality. This is a 1,260-hectare project with an estimated total investment of $ 24 billion invested by Sungroup Corporation.

Previously, local authorities had ordered that permission planning and project permission cease after some families proposed not to agree to the compensation plan. However, the government issued the above directive after reviewing the Ministry of Construction's verification report on the recommendations of the people and companies involved in the project.

The eco-urban area, resorts, high-level entertainment and tourism and beach tourism of Sam Son has the limit of the planning study including areas of 8 wards and 3 communes of the town of Sam Son. It is expected that the project has a population of about 47,000 people, the size of tourists staying in the area about 3.1 million per year, amusement park visitors from 1.5 to 2 million.

The project has subdivisions such as the sea square, theme parks, eco-cities, resorts, fishing areas,hotels, beach resorts, eco-houses, rehabilitation hospitals and tourist boat stations …

Nguyen Ha


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