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"Super giant giant" salary, De Ligt pair of stone blocks Van Dijk-24h football

Tuesday, 06/18/2019 01:04 AM (GMT + 7)

The championship of the Champions League makes Liverpool one of the most attractive landing sites in Europe at this time. And now the focus of the port city team will go to the English Premier League.

Goal videos of Matthijs De Ligt in Ajax Amsterdam

The unusual thought of Klopp

In recent years, Liverpool have spent a lot of money to have a very strong defense. Alisson goalkeeper landed at Anfield for a fee of £ 67 million. And before that, Virgil van Dijk arrived at the port city team with the all-time highest rate for a defender: £ 75m.

Liverpool duel MU: Salary & # 34; giant super giant, De Ligt paired with Van Dijk - 1

Liverpool buys cheap attack players, face defense and champions of Champions League

Obviously, Liverpool is going against all normal trends. The people of Merseyside spend money to buy defensive players, while spending very moderately on attacking players. Recall that the two main stars, Sadio Mane (£ 35 million) and Mohamed Salah (£ 39 million), are not equal to Van Dijk alone.

And now, after convincingly conquering Europe, Liverpool has put all its strength in the solution of the curse of the Premier League. In the 2018/19 season, coach Jurgen Klopp's team finished second, only 1 point behind the City champions. After 2 years of winning the Premier League, Man City has a strategy against Liverpool because the army of coach Pep Guardiola promises to be all-out with the goal of conquering Europe.

This is also an opportunity for Liverpool to play the English Premier League for the first time, beating the UK for the first time since the 1989/90 season. For this, Liverpool must have the best preparation, before the start of the tournament. Again, the priority of coach Klopp is the defense.

According to the Daily Mail, Liverpool is ready to race money with Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Man City, PSG, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich to recruit Matthijs de Ligt. Even the Champions League champion is poised to turn De Ligt into Anfield's highest-paid player despite being only 19 years old.

De Ligt kicks Van Dijk's pair, competing for the Premier League title?

MU sent to De Ligt to offer a salary of £ 236,000 / week. With PSG, this number is £ 256,000 / week. A little lower, Liverpool showed a contract with a payday of £ 200,000 a week to call De Ligt. This will be the largest number of clubs – along with Salah and above Van Dijk – who receive 150,000 pounds per week.

Liverpool duel MU: Salary & # 34; super big giant & # 34; From Parga by Van Dijk - 2

Liverpool want to have the two Dutch midfielders Van Dijk and De Ligt

The problem is that De Ligt's playing style and abilities are extremely well-suited to Klopp's tactical thinking and team building, reflected in the similarities between Ajax and Liverpool. Arriving at Liverpool at a huge salary, working with coach Klopp, De Ligt will probably not take long to integrate into the "Red Brigade" style of play.

In addition, De Ligt will have the chance to join the Dutchman – Virgil van Dijk. They showed great connectivity and were good partners in the team's orange jersey, helping the Netherlands to reach the final of the 2019 League of Nations. If you are lucky, the Netherlands can completely create. better result than Portugal's superstar Ronaldo in the final.

And if successfully recruited from De Ligt, Liverpool will actually have its own "Flying Dutchman". Although they do not play for public goods, they promise to play a key role for Liverpool's success in the near future. Last season with a Van Dijk, Liverpool had the best defense of the Premier League and finished second with 97 points. If De Ligt is added, this team promises to be even stronger.

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