Successful men can also dissipate money and career if they are with these women


1. Rude and arbitrarily criticizing people

Some people say that complaining is a chronic illness for many women. Both are uncomfortable and contagious and there is no cure for them. For women who complain, everything around them simply does not agree with them. 1% can also become a reason for them to be dissatisfied all day. Even if the man on the side shared and resolved their grievances, they could not heal this "complaining" disease, it would happen again and again immediately. If that's the right kind of complaining, it's a headache enough, but if the woman likes to criticize in a gross and exaggerated way, it will become a disaster for both family and life.

2. Take cash

    Successful men can also dissipate money and career if they are with these women - Photo 1.

With the kind of greedy woman who values ​​money, her love must be built upon material satisfaction. They care about the value they are spending instead of the effort that the man spent to earn that money. So this is the kind of person who can "share sweet and dirty", but it is difficult for them to suffer. Be careful because once your career goes down or you no longer want to "financially" financially, they are ready to take your shirt off immediately.

3. Familiarity with Bohemian

From the look of the gesture, dressing up in dressing habits, it is not difficult to recognize that a "bohemian" woman, who is accustomed to freedom, is not attached to ceremonies or eyes. People They can attract your eyes from the first moment, thanks to beautiful beautiful looks, body of fire, daring action and open personality, but they will also make anyone afraid of not being able to check Control and possess them safely. They are like a drug that makes people fall in love, but certainly, being a drug is harmful.

4. Many tactics, good at calculating

It is difficult for a brave man to prevent the attempt from coming from his nearest pillow. A woman who is too naive, like a blank page or a person who is too smart, good at planning, a deep heart like the sea is not a wise choice to be a wife. No one regulates the IQ or EQ standards of women to get married, but it is a person who wants to do great things, men should be careful when considering someone who is really fit for their own life and career. , do not let yourself fall in treachery, the door is broken.

5. Consider the power

In the eyes of many people, power and status are the goals to follow first, women are no exception. Unless man is at his peak, have all power, otherwise the woman will never be satisfied and will accept it. More importantly, because they do not value family or affection, in the most dangerous moment, they can give up everything to seek better values ​​of power.

6. Likes to look for excuses, refuses to accept mistakes

This is a bad habit that many people have regardless of men or women. But as a family facilitator, women should understand how to give in and sacrifice to "understand" the relationship of all household members in the best possible state. If it is the wife and mother who never admit their mistake, like to make excuses, and push the responsibility for others, it will be a bad example for the children to follow, being an unreasonable and unfriendly wife with no husband willing to have it.

    Successful men can also dissipate money and career if they are with these women - Photo 2.

7. Personality is very strong, does not understand tolerance

A woman who is too strong can assume the role of an ordinary man, so her personality and self-esteem are very high. The husband, who is inferior, will lose his voice in the family, is not respected, is very susceptible to contempt for his wife and daily harassment. This not only directly affects the feelings, but also makes the man hurt, losing the will to get up both in the family and in the career.

8. Very arrogant, egocentric

Each girl is "gold leaf and pearl" of her parents, being loved and spoiled. With this condition, many women grow up with their own self-assumption, assuming themselves as "the belly of the universe," causing people to always follow their will. For family members and husbands and husbands, they can love and patience, ignoring the selfishness of the woman. But with external relationships, especially important partners that affect the career and life of both parties, that personality will make people discourage, leaving negative impressions on both sides.

9. Do not understand the principle

The wife may not be beautiful, gentle, gentle, but definitely can not be without principles. For example, if you are on your way to an important meeting, your wife will insist that you go shopping and choose things with her, not only will your career be affected, but both your personality and people will "lose points." heavy in the eyes of the people around you, leaving you with the impression that you are the "unconscious of the matter of light."

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