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Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

"I know this is wrong and I went home to apologize to my Japanese family.The incident was also caused by my anger and partly because of the pressure of emulation," she said, referring to the punishment of 231 forcing students to be hospitalized.

Returning to the press, NTPThanh, who punished Japanese students in 6th grade secondary schools at Duy Ninh High School in Quang Ninh district, said that when students go to class, cursing their mother on the side. I tell someone who swears you're going to be slapped, so some of the new students slap me in Japanese. When the students knocked, the Japanese got hurt, so I kept cursing, so I just slapped you and left. So I also learn and I know that 23 children slapped me in Japanese. It is known that the class had 27 students, late that there are 3 students absent, so the Japanese children are 23 friends and her teacher beat all 231. "I know this is wrong so I went home and apologized to my family This incident is also caused by my temperament and partly because of the pressure to imitate, "she said.

213 students beats for hospitalization: late apologetics - 1

When asked about her Japanese slap, Nguyen Trung Nguyen (Class 6/2) said: "Japanese slap was made by her before class made. Ms. Shui only has a face not witnessed the whole class hitting Japanese friends.

According to Thuy, she has just moved from Hai Ninh Secondary School (Quang Ninh District) to Duy Ninh Secondary School from the beginning of the school year 2018 through 2019 and was the Grade 6/2 teacher. This class has 27 students, but only one student has good academic grades. The learning movement, class emulation is often ranked in the last of the school.

According to Thuy, the rules of the school, the class of students in violation of the class will be deducted from the score. Then, she sets the rules, students who make mistakes will be slapped every 10 slice on the cheek. "I know my work is wrong, so I'm very upset. I hope the students and families will forgive me," Thuy laments.

Prior to that, on November 19, H.L.N, a student in Grade 6.2, Duy Ninh Secondary School, Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh Province, was hospitalized for 231 strokes by the teacher. According to eyewitness reports, boys in 6th grade speak during the play and are registered by the red flag team. Ms. Thuy discovered the gang, asking 23 colleagues to beat her in violation of rape, for every 10 people. Students reflect if they hit the teacher in reverse. It was the teacher who slapped the last male student passed out.

Mrs. Thuy received the error and apologized, but as if things did not work out so that Thuy did not have to say such apologetics, perhaps the new pedagogical environment less painful.

The Central Committee proposed that the education and training sector, the functional agencies of Quang Binh urgently clarify the responsibility of Professor N.T.P Thuy, appropriate treatment, according to law; At the same time, take timely measures to support and encourage Japanese children.

Regarding the issue, 231 students were sentenced to 24 hours, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Thi Nghia said that the Department of Education and Training of Quang Binh asked the Department of Education and Training to investigate and handle the first reports to the Ministry. Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Nghia said that, whatever the reason, the teacher punished the students with the penalty mentioned above is wrong and completely unacceptable. Therefore, the school must consider and treat strictly.

It was charged with the teacher sentenced to kill 231 students

Quang Ninh Police, Quang Binh has a decision to prosecute criminal case in the teacher sentenced to kill 231 students.


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