Monday , April 19 2021

Stock Quotes 19/11: Continue to maintain skeptical attitude Securities

Mainly technical rebound (neutral)

The narrow-band recovery, accompanied by low liquidity, showed investors are cautious. The market is in a state of lack of information support, while global market movements are greatly affecting the psychology of investors in the country. ART maintains the view that the pace of the market at this stage mainly carries technical factors and the main trend is still low. The VN-Index can test the old background in October of 880-990. Investors should have a high proportion of shares should continue to watch the recovery period to reduce the proportion of shares.

Only a short-term recovery (increase)

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

After three consecutive sessions of fall, many stocks have reached an attractive price range. Low-price demand began to pick up on some stocks that helped the market recover. However, the BVSC believes that it is likely to be a short-term and technical recovery.

Still floating around accumulation (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

If oil prices continue to gain technical momentum after falling into the bear market, the market next week can expect the recovery period, at least accumulation around the support level of 900 points. Overall, on Friday, psychologically, there was no technical change, the market still wavered around accumulation in low liquidity.

Can recover (increase)

(FPT Securities Company – FPTS)

We left the possibility that the market will recover next week. Target close to 915 – 917 points. The ability to recover even further will be reevaluated and highly dependent on the dynamics and durability of cash flow in the market.

Psychology is weak (neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

Investor sentiment remained weak as liquidity remained low and foreigners remained liquid sellers. Investors should be alert to market information on breakeven developments and pre-Sino-US trade negotiations prior to the G20 meeting.

Declination of the week (Decrease)

(Securities Company of Ho Chi Minh City – HSC)

While there appears to be an increase among stocks, this does not create a sustainable moment. And HSC believes the market is likely to come back early next week.

Hold the caution point (Neutral)

(Joint Stock Company of Vietnam – VNCS)

The rally on Friday was not strong enough to make a breakthrough. However, the impressive increase in HNX also showed that the correction was tending down, and some actions appeared on the spot. With such developments, VNCS would prefer to open a number of exploration and purchase positions with a small proportion of shares.

Require to be challenged (increase)

(Viet Capital Securities Company – VCSC)

VCSC sentiment is improving, but the signal is not strong enough to attract demand to the market. Therefore, it is likely that on the next trading day, demand will continue to make efforts to challenge resistance levels such as 905 VN index, 880 VN30 or 103.5 HNX index points. If we can close above these resistances, the market will signal the rally better and it is at that moment that investors may consider increasing their shareholding exposure.

Active can be longer (increase)

(Viet Dragon Securities Company – VDSC)

The market appeared after three consecutive loss sessions earlier. The actions of the Bank and Petroleum play a leading role. Many penny stocks and midcap continue to attract cash flow. We still see many large stocks like VIC, VHM, VRE, NVL, VNM … However, we can see that the cash flow over the weekend is quite strong after many sessions have been deleted. The positive will probably continue in the next sessions.

Systemic risk is high (neutral)

(KIS Vietnam Securities Joint Stock Company – KIS)

Regardless of the successful reversal, the systematic risk remains high, as the NPV rate approaches the old fund in October 2018 at around 880-890 points. Over a long period of time, the bullish trend still prevailed. Therefore, investors should be cautious and wait for market stability before the action.

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