Tuesday , October 26 2021

South Korea shocked for the first time in the final of the U-20 World Cup


At the U20 World Cup 2019 is happening in Poland, U20 South Korea is not a much appreciated team. Even coach and coach Chung Jung-yong still lost to Portugal U20 0-1 in the game. However, they had a spectacular re-enactment, beating the South African Under-20 and Under-20s of Argentina in a row to narrow the gap, in the eighth round with second place in Group F.

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U20 Korean continues to write fairytales in Poland

In this round, young South Korean players face a higher rating than the Japanese U20. But a reasonable counterattack helped Kim Chi's team to beat the opponents by 1-0, thanks to Oh Se-hun's late effort to continue.

In the quarter-finals, South Korea's U20 created a dramatic chase for Senegal's U20 by scoring 2-2 in the 90 + 8 minutes. In extra time, the Korean U20 took the lead but was also leveled by the opponents for 3-3 to 120 + 1 minutes. After that, coach and coach Chung Jung-yong broke out by winning the choking firefight.

The fairy tale continues to be written in the semifinals, when the Korean U20 meets a much stronger opponent of the U20 Ecuadorian. The course on the field clearly shows the difference, when the Asian representative extended to defend the attacks of the South American players. Suddenly, in the 39th minute, Jun Choi took the opportunity to score from a clever free kick by his team-mate, opening the scoring.

In the remaining time, good physical base and good luck helped Korea U20 to face Ecuador U20 to protect their achievements. With a 1-0 victory, the first time in Korean football history has reached the final of the U-20 World Cup.

The U20 South Korea's opponent in the final match on June 23 on June 15 (Vietnam time) will U20 Ukraine, the team also defeated the Italian U20 with a score of 1-0 in the remaining semi-final.

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