Solving difficulties in urban management and development in Hanoi – Nhan Dan Newspaper


Over time, management of the state of investment in capital building, urban development and management in the Hanoi area has many changes, but still difficult, obstacles in mechanisms and policies. Dismantling At the meeting, Hanoi proposed that the Ministry of Construction submit a report to the government to allow the city to take the initiative to consider and approve the partial adjustment of the master plan for building the capital and adjusting sector planning. The opinions of the Ministry of Construction, the ministries and branches involved. To allow the city to approve planning study estimates for specific planning projects and foreign consultants in order to closely and effectively control the sources of capital; Unified central guidelines and coordinated city proposals allow Hanoi to promote specific mechanisms to accelerate the renovation of former condos. The Ministry of Civil Construction allows the city to consider and decide on the adjustment of commercial house projects to houses and social housing for resettlement; adjust capital investment of schools, health and supplement the standards of planting and cultivation of trees …


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