Sima Yijing, a career builder, ignorant descendants to lose Jiangshan?


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Sima Italy is one of the most eminent Vietnamese people in the history of the Three Kingdoms, opening the powerful Tay Tan Dynasty, but since only after four lives, Tay Tan quickly collapsed?

Sima Yit, a career builder, ignorant descendant to lose his painting? - 1

Sima Xi is famous as a wild king.

When he was alive, Sima Yi was famous as a visionary. He bore two sons, Tu Ma Su and his fourth son, Ma Viem, to go through fierce wars.

He also advised the two children to wait patiently for the opportunity, when the kings who followed Cao Wei's house grew weaker and weaker. All of Sima Yi's preparations bring results.

It is the grandson of Ma Ma, who overthrew Wei's house, formally enthroned the emperor, opening the period of the Tu-Ma dynasty to rule the world. But Sima Y died at age 73, he did not know that in the next generations, the Tu Ma family descended quickly and equally.

My grandson Ma Viem unified the world

The Chinese regime considered the home of Tay Tan to begin to take shape from Sima Yi, the great spirit of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period. After Emperor Wei Ming Cao Tao passed away in 239, the little king Tao Fang had no real power, and his father and son Sima Yi dominated power.

After Sima Yi passed away, his son, Sima Zhao, killed Wei, creating a puppet king, Cao Chen, forcing the king to grant him land. The Jin Dynasty has formed in Wei territory since then.

But it was not until 266, the grandchildren of Sima Yi, Tu Ma Viem, officially forced Wei to conquer the throne. After 45 years of existence, Cao Wei is here to perish.

In 279, Tan Vu De opened a campaign to punish Dong Ngo and this was also the last battle in Chinese history in the Three Kingdoms period.

Dong Ngo's house has been in crisis since Ton Quyen died. Neto Ton Hao was crowned emperor, immoral pornography, extreme luxury, middle-class slaughter, believing in eunuchs, political affairs were less concerned, so the country of Jiang Dong weakened.

Sima Yit, a career builder, ignorant descendant to lose his painting? - 2

After Tan Vu De died, Tay Tan quickly weakened.

Before the advance of 20,000 Tan soldiers, including roads and canals, Dong Ngo's army resisted weakly because it was only Admiral Canh Canh that it was a war, the other generals were only concerned about the corruption and stubbornness of disorderly reformers

After Lu Jing died, Ton Hao imitated Thuc Han's mentor, Luu Thien, bound himself and delivered Tan. The section of the Three Kingdoms ends here.

Later books of history recognize Tan Vu De as an emperor who has an intelligent nature and a national background, but is immoral. Unfortunately for Tan, Tan Vu De died in 290, at age 54.

The issue of national harmony among ethnic minorities, controlling the power of members of the royal family from there is still unfinished.

The stupid king ended the Tay Tan dynasty

According to Chinese history, Tan Vu De Tu Ma Viem has two queens and carries the Duong surname. The first is Duong Diem, the second is Duong Chi. Tu Ma Trung is the second son of Vu De and Duong Diem. The eldest son died early when he was young, so Tu Ma Trung became the prince who called Tay Tan's house.

Sima Zhong intellectually underdeveloped, unlike ordinary people. According to Chinese historians, Sima Zhong is a foolish and disqualified leader.

Seeing the poor wisdom of Sima Zhong, Vũ đế also had concerns about his successor and made the test.

He gave the Chinese government an attempt to try out a good practice of mandarins. Trung's wife, Phi Phi Nam Phong, sent a wrong person to work as a family and cleverly used a superficial and superficial way of writing to express. Sima Zhong continued copying the model and submitting it to his father. Thanks to this, Tan Vu De no longer thought of replacing the Prince.

The eldest son of Tu Ma Trung, Tu Ma Duat, is the opposite of his father, who showed cleverness in his childhood, making his grandfather Tan Vu De very dear.

The gods often advised Tan Vu to change the crown prince. Vu De said that although children are ignorant, but they are good, they can help later.

Chinese historians later claimed that Wu De was mistaken because Duat was not the biological son of Jia Fei Feng, but the son of another wife of Sima Zhong. This leads to later events.

Sima Yit, a career builder, ignorant descendant to lose his painting? - 3

Sima Zhong is the king who caused the collapse of the Xun Dynasty.

In 290, Tan Vu De died, Tu Ma Trung joined the throne and self-sufficiency of Tan Hue De. Fake a queen.

Pseudo-seeing Hue Of naive, wants to gain power. The pretense of tyranny provoked the right kings to kill each other by starting the event of "The King's Bowl".

Suppose there was no son, but Tu Ma Duat grew up, so he thought of trying to assassinate the prince. In 299, Pseudo sent the gentleman to drink the drunken wine and deceived him to write a rebellious letter.

Prince Duat, for being too drunk, did this without knowing that the painting fell on his head. Suppose you bring a letter to Hue De to have an excuse to leave the prince. Hui De heard, Ru Yi Ma Duat made people.

Hue De's uncle, Sima Luan, took the opportunity to use the pretext of pretending to be a judge to begin with. When it was done, Sima Luan turned to force Hui De to give up the throne.

The royal family protested against this, united to defeat Sima Lu, bringing Hui De back to the throne after three months losing the throne.

In 307, Tan Hue De was poisoned by King Dong Hai Tu Ma Viet, a monk of the Tan dynasty. Tan Hue De was murdered at the same time as the monarch's rebellion ended, but at that time the Tan dynasty was depressed, unable to resist the invasion of the Ho ethnic groups in the north.

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