Should the Vietnamese team use Vietnamese players abroad?


"Oriundi" is the word for naturalized players in Italy. It should be emphasized that for decades, in the land of the masses, there has been a wave of controversies related to this word. Recall, at the 1962 World Cup, the Italian team eliminated many players from Amleto Frigani, Humberto Maschio and Omar Sívori from the national team because they were naturalized.

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Moise Kean is the son of the Ivorian couple emigrating to Italy and now wearing the Italian team

From 1966 to 2003, no more "Oriundi" appeared in the composition of Azzurra, because the wave of boycott was so intense. Coach Mancini once said: "The Italian national team should appear only people born and raised in Italy. The rest, other people of the lineage should not be wearing the team shirt.

Saying this to see coach Mancini as an extremist with this policy, he later called on Balotelli (even Mancini's coach). Even for many years, the Italian team flourished with "Oriundi" players with names like Eder, Varquez, Thiago Motta, Amauri, Pablo Osvaldo … Even the 2006 World Cup of Italy is marked. The press of "Oriundi" is Camoranesi.

Saying this to see, in the time of football flat, developing on a global scale, people are no longer tied to local thoughts. Teams will do their utmost to attract talents as long as they qualify for the national team. Otherwise, they may be at risk of being left behind.

Looking back now, among the great teams in Europe, no team is without players from other countries. In particular, the French team won the 2018 World Cup with many African players.

Returning to the history of Vietnamese football, in recent years, people have begun to see a wave of Vietnamese players abroad (again, not naturalized players) like Alexander Dang (born 1990), Filip Nguyen (born 1992), Jason Quang Vinh Pendant (born in 1997) expressed his desire to return to Vietnam.

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Dang Van Lam, Vietnamese goalkeeper from abroad, was the great success of the Vietnamese team

This is a good sign. Because, Vietnamese football has grown to a new level, causing many players of Vietnamese blood from abroad also want to return to serve the country. They are all professional players competing in Europe. So it is no coincidence that they want to return to Vietnam. This shows that the Coach Park Hang Seo team has a certain attraction.

Going back to the past, back to the past, each time we had "opened the door" for naturalized players like Dinh Hoang La, Huynh Kesley, Dinh Hoang Max, Phan Van Santos … wear the team shirt.

But then, that wave has quickly dissipated over the years and the naturalized players almost have no chance, even if Hoang Vu Samson has a lot of enthusiasm to wear the team shirt. Yes, it is only the appearance of some Vietnamese players from abroad, such as Michal Nguyen, but did not leave an impression.

It was not until Dang Van Lam played well at the AFF Cup 2018 and the Asian 2019 that people started to discuss this issue. In a way, Dang Van Lam's success in the Vietnamese environment "stimulated" other Vietnamese Vietnamese players to return to the Vietnam team.

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Forward striker Alexander Dang wants to play for the Vietnamese team

As mentioned above, this is the era of globalization. Vietnamese football is up and very "thirsty" for talents. So perhaps the thinking of people who play football also needs to become more open. We must accept players (including Vietnamese citizens and naturalized from abroad) to contribute to the national team. Only then, the power of the new team improves and we can dream bigger, like a ticket to the World Cup.

Not far away, even Thailand also accepts many Thai Kieu players to play for the national team. The Philippines extends its reach through African players abroad.

We can not withdraw from this flow. In a way, the appearance of Vietnamese players abroad (including naturalization) in the national team will greatly affect those competing in the country, forcing them to make more efforts to capture. place in the team.

It is clear that the acceptance of Vietnamese players from abroad using the team shirt or not also has to go through many stages. If they are talented enough to aspire to contribute to the national team, do not rush into "closing" them.

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