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SAO scored against Vietnam believes that 90% of the champion – 24h football

Friday, February 1, 2019, 01:36 AM (GMT + 7)

In an interview at the pre-final training session, Ritsu Doan was extremely confident about the ability to crown Japanese.

Looking at the victorious situation of Ritsu Doan against Vietnam

Japanese team It was convincing to win the final of the 2019 Asian Cup. Although the game is not very good in the first stage, the more the "Green Samurai" plays, the more dangerous it becomes. Currently, Japan is the most serious candidate for the championship title.

Japan kicks Asian Cup final: WHY scored against Vietnam believes that 90% of the championship - 1

Ritsu Doan believes that 90% of Japan will win

Japan's last opponent in the campaign to return to the peak of Asia is Qatar. Host country 2022 World Cup also showed extraordinary progress. The focus on youth training brings Qatari players quality and willingness to challenge old forces like Japan.

Before the finals, Japan had a very careful preparation. They are not allowed to underestimate the opponent. During the final training session, the teachers and students of Moriyasu Hajime showed great determination. In the Asian Cup of 2019, Japan is the most unpredictable team. By the end, experts still said that "Green Samurai" has not yet released all tactics.

Besides the careful preparation of tactics, the spirit of the Japanese players is also very high. NHK Japan published an extremely confident interview by defender Tomiyasu and midfielder Ritsu Doan.

"The decisive moment has come, the atmosphere in the team is very good, so I want to win the championship with my teammates.If we defenders and goalkeepers can keep the net clean, the top players will record Tomiyasu said.

Meanwhile, the midfielder who scored the only goal against Vietnam in the quarterfinals is Ritsu Doan who imagined the image Japanese phone Raising the championship trophy: "Just before the tournament started, I imagined the image of our team going into the final. The result will depend on the determination. In my heart, 80-90% is the image of Japan winning and raising the trophy.

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