Sam Son's chief inspector was asked to review


Recently, the Home Affairs Department of the Party Committee Thanh Hoa asked the Party Committee Sam Son City to lead the People's Committee of the City to review the Chief Inspector of the City in carrying out the task of advising the findings of the general inspection.

The chief inspector of Sam Son was asked to review.

Thus, in the first 6 months of 2018, the Sam Son City Province carried out only 2 socioeconomic inspections. In particular, there are many key areas that have not been inspected, such as: Implementation of the target program; collecting and using people's contributions; management and use of land; compensation and release of the site; investment in capital construction; implement social policy.

Through inspections, many violations were discovered, but the Sam Son City Inspectorate did not recommend treatment or petition to deal with the nature and extent of the offense, especially for related individuals.

In addition, through inspections discovered economic errors to be recovered, but did not make decisions to recover the money wrongly into account waiting to be processed, but delivered to the object to be recovered, contrary to the provisions of the Inspection Act.

Not only that, propose measures to deal with economic violations of Sam Son City Inspectorate in an imprecise manner, not ensuring feasibility, reducing the effectiveness and efficiency of inspection.

According to the Home Affairs Committee of the Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, the Sam Son City Inspectorate did not seriously implement conclusions and recommendations after inspection and audit in several cases. For a longer time, the direction for the settlement of violations of seven inspection findings was delivered by the Quang Xuong District People's Committee when administrative units were merged with the town of Sam Son.

At the same time, the administrative and collective handling of collectives and individuals is related to deficiencies, breaches under inspection are very slow.

Since then, the Home Affairs Committee of the Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee has proposed the Standing Committee of Sam Son to strengthen the leadership of the committee for inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations and prevention of corruption and waste in the province. table …

At the same time, instructing the Sam Son City Committee to improve the quality of inspections, if it detects violations during the inspection process, it is necessary to focus on clarifying and drawing specific conclusions and treating them in accordance with regulations and ensuring feasibility. If economic errors are recovered, decisions on withdrawal of money and assets should be made in accordance with regulations and conclusions should be clearly made about the collective and individual responsibilities and the proposed handling in accordance with the regulations.

In addition, it focuses on the review and treatment of responsibilities for collectives and individuals related to violations in the Sam Son City Committee's findings in the areas of management and use. use of budget, contribution, revenue and financial expenses …

Reviewing the city's chief inspector in carrying out the task of advising the general inspection, poor quality affects efficiency and effectiveness in inspection work and lacks responsibility in advising on subsequent handling. conclusions of the inspection, especially the inspection findings of the Quang Xuong District People's Committee.

To correct and overcome the limitations and shortcomings of socio-economic inspection work, it was shown under this conclusion, to report to the Provincial Standing Committee (through the Internal Affairs Committee of the Provincial Party Committee) the results of the implementation.

Duy Tuyen


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