Rescue of sincere scene the young woman hugged the child to jump to the suicide of the river


On the afternoon of April 20, Colonel Nguyen Van Dung, Tuy Hoa City Police Chief (Phu Yen), said that the same day the Phu Lam Ward Police Department (Tuy Hoa City) received reports from the people . There was a woman holding her son standing on Da Da railway bridge with the intention of jumping and committing suicide.

Sincere young man rescue scene hugging the child trying to jump the river suicide - 1

The image of the woman embracing her son wanted to jump on the bridge.

According to a witness record, at noon on April 20, people discovered a woman holding her son next to a concrete pillar on the south of the Da Dang railway bridge. This man wore a yellow shirt, a black skirt, a helmet, a young hand, and looked out at the river.

Under the concrete pillar at a height of about 8 meters, a naked man persuades the woman not to find a negative exit. On the bridge wall, there was a man and many police soldiers in Tuy Hoa City approaching silently. The man gently ran from behind to restrain the woman. Then, along with the help of many police officers, the mother and daughter were put in safety.

Rescue scene of young man's heartbeat embracing his son to jump to a suicidal river - 2

The moment the man hugged the woman and the child in the safe

Currently both mother and daughter were taken to the General Hospital of Phu Yen Province for an emergency because of exhaustion.

The initial information identified, the woman named N.T.N (temporarily residing in the Phu Dong ward) and a 3-month-old small child.

It is not clear why this woman wants to jump and commit suicide.

Trung Thi


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